Since the human touch is missing from online transactions, it is best to go the extra mile for your customers and offer them something more personal. Sending a “Thank You” email or postcard after they buy something from you enhances your relationship.

Such online and offline communications can also be sent for reasons such as recognizing their loyalty, touching base to say hello, or thanking them for completing certain actions. It is a great tool for enhancing your relationship. Let’s learn more about this strategy below.

Reasons for Sending Thank You Messages

A “Thank You” email or postcard is a marketing strategy used by most businesses to build long-term client connections. Showing how much you care and appreciate their time will go a long way in solidifying your network. Clients love receiving personalized emails that make them feel valued and appreciated.

These postcards and emails are powerful because they can result in better consumer engagement. Best of all, they will also foster brand loyalty, which you need to enhance revenue.

thank you postcard

The human touch should never be removed from business. Utilize it well and you’ll end up solidifying your bonds with your customers. “Thank you” messages will help your customers better recognize that personalized approach you use in business.

When to Send a Thank You Email or Postcard

Your “Thank You” email or postcard represents a user-action.

This note of gratitude is prompted by a specific action directed towards you. It is crucial that it gets sent out at the right time and to the right person in order for it to convey its intended meaning.

Sending a “thank you” email or postcard is a good move not just when a customer purchases something from you. Other occasions should also prompt you to send out a heartfelt “thank you” message:

Use a “thank you” message to:

  • Show appreciation to high value and loyal clients
  • Thank webinar or event attendees
  • Respond to individuals who leave comments behind
  • Greet clients on their birthdays
  • Touch base during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Heart’s Day, Easter, etc.)
  • Welcome newsletter subscribers
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How to Send a Thank You Email

Everyone knows how to express gratitude because it’s a virtue taught early by parents and teachers. However, saying thanks virtually requires a different approach. It requires more than just saying a few simple words, especially if you want your message to resonate with your clients.

When you are crafting this message of gratitude, you need to say something genuine, positive, and engaging in the subject line to compel your clients to click on your email. Write like you would to a friend while composing your message.

Mention other specific details like why you are touching base with them to drive home the fact that you are sending a personalized message. Finally, include an appropriate closing statement.

You can also try offering a promo code to entice clients to order again. Present them with a good offer during the holiday season to capture their interest better.

thank you card

Conveniently handle the task of sending out the emails by scheduling them. It is best to send out those emails while using the best budget VPN to protect your contact list, reach restricted regions, and to ensure your email won’t be marked as spam.

How to Send a Thank You Postcard

“Thank you” emails are essential for conveniently and quickly conveying gratitude in the information age. Still, it’s hard to top the authentic feel of a postcard with a handwritten message included or nice custom fonts.

You don’t need to make a big fuss over writing a “thank you” postcard but you will need to devote your time to it. Concentrate on crafting a well-worded letter and take care to avoid errors. It may be smarter to write your thoughts on some scratch paper first before writing your complete message on the postcard you wish to send.

As for the content itself, remember to be positive, genuine, and engaging again. Those qualities jump off the page and they will be easily perceived by whoever is reading the postcard.

Once again, you can try including special offers together with your “thank you” message. This time around, some vouchers will be welcome inclusions. For more rules on how to write a postcard that matches your business needs visit this article.

You should also know that today, sending a postcard may be as simple as sending an online message. With Inkit, you can automate postcard printing and delivery to initiate mailing based on various triggers, such as online events, user behavior, timing, etc. As a result, the tool will automatically launch postcard shipment when a customer starts a subscription, hesitates over buying a product, abandons a cart, or completes any other significant action.

Types of Thank You Messages

There are several “thank you” message templates that you can follow if you are looking for ideas. Hopefully, the following examples can help you come up with something thoughtful.

Thanks for Payment

It would be bad if clients place an order online and do not receive any confirmation email. How can they verify if their order was placed? A “thank you” message would be welcome in that scenario.

Start this message by greeting the client then immediately show the invoice details. You can then follow it with your thanks and add subscription details. “Thank you” messages for payments may also be automated so that your customers are able to receive them instantaneously.

Thanks for the Purchase

When you take the time to show how grateful you are when clients make a purchase, it improves their customer buying journey. This message can be very versatile and you can ask them to do other things like:

purchase coupon
  • Complete a survey for feedback
  • Submit a review for a downloadable product
  • Join a giveaway or event
  • Post on social media

Also consider using this opportunity to give your customers discount codes they can use in the future. If your customer bought a physical item, go ahead and include a “thank you” note along with their order.

Thanks for Registration or Subscription

When they register on your site or subscribe, you must immediately thank them for doing so. An email that’s easy to read with a great call-to-action button is very effective. This is another “thank you” message that’s suitable for automation.

Thanks for the Loyalty

During the end of the year or your company anniversary, you must show your appreciation by thanking all your clients for their business. This will strengthen your ties and set you up for another productive year together. You can also do this for client birthdays and all the other holidays as a way of showing thanks for their loyalty and patronage.

“Thank you” emails will suffice here, but “thank you” postcards will resonate even more.

Thanks for Reviewing

Completing an online review takes time and effort. When your clients do this, you must send a quick message to show how much you value their gestures. Don’t neglect this “thank you” communication and consider automating it for convenience.

Final Words

Sending “thank you” emails and/or postcards should be a part of your marketing strategy if you want to boost your business. A thoughtful gesture such as that will leave a positive impression on your customers and let them know that they are appreciated and valued.

To start sending customer postcards right now, create an Inkit account or contact the sales team to get the demo.

Lianna Arakelyan is a content writer and digital marketing expert to the extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. She is extreme in her work with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing and technology news of the world.

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