With the increase in online shopping, e-commerce businesses have an endless source of new customers. Yet convincing people to buy from your brand remains challenging.

Acquisition costs 5X more than retaining existing customers. On top of that, we live in a world where consumers get bombarded with tons of ads, emails, and other communications from competing businesses. This puts a higher strain on your limited resources and demands more effort from your sales and marketing teams to get your customers' attention.

A loyalty quiz is one of the ways to make people notice your offer and convert. That's why we want to share with you how it works.

This article discusses what e-commerce quizzes are and how you can use them to increase customer reach, enhance retention, and boost your marketing results.

What Is an E-commerce Quiz?

An e-commerce quiz is a series of questions that a business asks to determine the user's level of knowledge about an online store or an e-commerce website. These questions can be used to determine if the user would proceed with a purchase or not. Many brands use quizzes to help potential customers learn more about their product or service while collecting valuable information.

For example, you are selling a new brand of moisturizer. The customer may not know what their skin loves or what kind of moisturizer will work best for them. With an e-commerce quiz, you can determine what type of moisturizer they should buy.

An e-commerce quiz uses are not limited to helping customers make more informed buying decisions. They also add to the overall experience of the customers. An e-commerce loyalty quiz can make your customers feel more connected to the business that cares about their needs.

You can also use quizzes in your e-commerce business to:

  • Boost engagement
  • Capture leads
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Increase sales and revenue

E-commerce quizzes are a great way to boost customer retention. They make customers more likely to stick with your business and provide an opportunity to get to know them. That way, you can offer a better experience in the future, not just resell items to the same people.

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Why E-commerce Quizzes for Advanced Personalization

Personalization can help businesses distinguish their products from competitors and build strong, trusting relationships with their customers. In fact, as much as 90% of online retailers use personalization in their business.

Here are a few reasons why e-commerce quizzes are powerful for advanced personalization:

  • Quizzes help you understand your customers' preferences. By asking relevant questions, you can better understand what products and brands they like or dislike. You can also learn more about what they're looking for when shopping online.

This information is crucial when you have a variety of products, such as an e-commerce store selling everything from clothing to electronics to jewelry or a store carrying a single product line with many variations (e.g., screen size or color).

  • Quizzes help you make better recommendations. Based on the answers to your customer's quiz questions, you can provide product/service suggestions that are more likely to be relevant and appealing to them.

It allows your personalization engine to enhance their shopping experience by offering products tailored to your customers' preferences – meaning less work for them and more success for your business.

  • Quizzes help improve your customer service and retention rates. The more personalized your service is, the more valued and appreciated your customers feel. This will boost retention rates and encourage return visits.

Quizzes can also help you provide better assistance to customers who have questions or need help with their orders.

An e-commerce quiz is a great tool to engage with new and current customers in an entertaining way that doesn't feel like advertising. They may not even realize they're being marketed to if they're having fun.

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5 Things You Can Do With An E-commerce Quiz Software to Benefit your Business

As you can see, personalized product quizzes are a great way to engage customers, collect data, and nudge them towards a purchase.

That's why so many brands use quiz marketing to drive sales. In the past, quizzes were used mainly for entertainment – think about Buzz Feed's “Which female celebrity are you?

But now, quizzes have evolved into a powerful e-commerce tool. They can help you boost conversions, increase an average order value, improve customer retention, and more when done right.

Here are more ways an e-commerce quiz software can provide value for your business:

  1. Personalize Customer Experiences By Collecting Buyer Profiles

Quizzes are an excellent way to collect the information you need to make personalized recommendations and provide relevant content, products, and services to your customers. By understanding their preferences and interests, you can use this valuable information to send them personalized emails, recommendations, and discounts tailored to their needs.

  1. Guide Your Customers To The Right Product

Using quizzes is also a great way to create unique landing pages for different target groups. This will help your website visitors find the products that fit their needs without rummaging through your vast selection of products and services.

  1. Grow Your Marketing Lists Faster

A quiz is an excellent way to collect information from visitors who have not yet decided to purchase from you. You can use this information to follow up with them later, or you can use it to create a marketing list and promote your products and services in the future.

Benefit your Business
  1. Enhance Your Retargeting Efforts

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to reach and convert shoppers who have already expressed interest in your products by visiting your site but, for whatever reason, left before making a purchase.

An online quiz software can help you remind people that you have products or services that they may be interested in. You can create a quiz that asks people various questions and then use the information provided to deliver retargeting ads to the customers who expressed interest in your offer.

  1. Create Data-Driven Buyer Profiles

Gone are the days of customer profiling based on gut feeling, demographic and geographic information. With the results from your e-commerce quizzes, you can create data-driven buyer profiles and develop a more accurate picture of your customer, their interests, and what they are looking for when shopping online.

You will then be able to match your products with the right target audience, establish brand loyalty and customer retention while increasing your revenue margins.

Use Inkit With an E-commerce Quiz to Maximize the Results

Inkit reach enablement platform automates the entire communication process, including data processing, address verification, document composition, direct mail printing, and delivery.

By integrating Inkit with your marketing automation or CRM system, you can automatically trigger a direct mail campaign based on the results of the personalized product quizzes you organized. You can also deliver offline surveys to collect customers' responses on different matters.

This way, you capture the attention of your most valuable leads who are likely to convert. All in all, Inkit offers you the tools to create, manage and send highly personalized automated marketing campaigns that help you keep in touch with customers.

Try it out today. Sign up for free.

Final Thoughts

An e-commerce customer loyalty quiz is a powerful way to personalize your offer and make it more relevant to your customers. We can tell you how to make a product recommendation quiz offline or synchronize online quizzes with other channels. Don't hesitate to contact Inkit for a talk.

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