Multi channel marketing campaigns have long been recognized as the most effective way to reach your customers. While 87% of retail businesses state that such campaigns are essential for business success, only 8% have managed to implement multi channel marketing. The situation in the B2B segment is similar. Many B2B marketers still don’t know how to effectively combine several channels and balance them to get the maximum benefit. We recommend ABM direct marketing as a valuable B2B tool uniting well-tried direct mail campaigns and account based marketing. Such a solution helps make your ABM strategy more personalized and increase the response rate.

What is ABM Direct Marketing?

If your sales team has ever sent a leaflet, handwritten notice, or any other mail piece, you know what direct mail campaigns look like. The concept of account based marketing (ABM) may be less familiar to a person who hasn’t used an account based marketing strategy before. Account based marketing is a business marketing strategy focused on a separate company as an account rather than a whole niche or a broad target audience. Marketers develop highly customized marketing campaigns to turn this company into a loyal customer and stimulate the necessary conversion.

With the revival of direct mail campaigns, account based marketing has moved to an absolutely new level. The combination of both approaches forms ABM direct marketing boosting an account-level ABM strategy with memorable mail pieces. It fills B2B marketing strategies with emotion and appeals to customers’ love for customized mail pieces that are tailored to individual customers’ tastes, needs, and preferences. Additionally, direct mail significantly increases the account based marketing response rate, with over 400% more responses than email.

What Companies will Benefit from ABM Direct Marketing?

ABM direct marketing is typically considered a B2B approach designed for large and medium enterprises interested in building long-term relationships with their customers. Why B2B marketing? Any ABM strategy requires careful planning, a lot of time, and considerable investment to start yielding results. These resources are usually available to large companies that are looking for reliable business partners to start mutually beneficial lasting cooperation. Moreover, the decision-making process in B2B sales involves more stakeholders than B2C. B2C marketing is often focused on the immediate result, covers a versatile target audience, and requires other techniques than those used in account based marketing.

Of course, even small and medium B2C businesses can benefit from some ABM direct marketing approaches. It’s always useful to implement multichannel personalized marketing to nurture the existing leads or use remarketing. You can also leverage direct mail to keep in touch with your customers, sending them exciting offers, discount vouchers, bills, or any other relevant mail piece. Don’t think that modern consumers no longer pay attention to offline marketing. Actually, 36% of people aged under 30 state they enjoy checking their mailboxes, which significantly increases your chances to be noticed using direct mail.

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Personalized Message

Personalization plays a crucial role in any direct mail marketing campaign. 70% of people say direct mail feels more personal than the Internet. There is more chance that people will open mail if packages are designed and customized to clients’ needs. If you’re marketing for a law firm and planning a direct mail campaign, don’t overlook the message and the design. When people are looking for an attorney, they want to partner with someone who will ensure a successful outcome for their business and family issues. A well-designed high-quality direct mail piece will create a positive brand image and invoke trust.

Before launching a legal direct mail marketing campaign, consider the following four points:

  1. Type of direct mail piece (flyer or postcard)
  2. Package – envelope (if needed)
  3. Quality of paper
  4. Quantity of direct mail pieces

Your message shouldn’t be a standard sales pitch, but rather focus on your reliability and professional reputation. Consider including the following details:

  • Years of experience your law firm has
  • Pictures of your law office
  • Office location
  • Client testimonial
  • Pricing structure
  • What you can help people with
  • How your help right now will save them effort and money in the future
  • Where people can continue their research on your law firm – a website address, a profile on the reviews site or your social media profiles

Attorneys need to build an emotional connection with their clients. Show them that you understand what problems they face and that you know what to do about them.

What to Send?

Let’s have a look at what types of direct mail pieces are the best for your law firm.


If you have a small law firm or you are an attorney who begins his/her practice, a brochure can be a good way to introduce your services to the public. With Inkit’s template builder you can easily create an attractive brochure that will underline the benefits of using your services.  

If you have decided to choose a brochure as a direct mail piece, we recommend to insert a complete overview of your law firm:

  • a brief bio or your firm’s history
  • your practice areas
  • office locations
  • contact information
  • benefits of working with your firm.


Postcards are usually larger than brochures and one can use them to include more information. It is another type of suitable direct mail piece for law firms. Because of the size and postage as a standalone piece, it will definitely grab your clients’ attention. According to the DMA Response Rate Report, the response rate for postcards sent to a house is 5.1% with a Return on Investment of 29%.

In the case of postcards, you can include more information or add memorable call-to-actions.

  • Expanded call-to-Action
  • appealing image
  • changes in laws or relevant educational information
  • New services or lawyers introduction, company’s announcements
  • Invitation to event (new office relocation, etc.)

Target the Right Audience with Relevant Messages

The law sphere is very broad and captures different topics from auto accidents to estate planning. That’s why you need to separate the services you provide for your target audiences. It’s better to make a few direct mail campaigns focused on different services your law firm provides.

The Right Time to Send

Timing is as important for legal direct mail as for the rest of the mail pieces. Everybody loves receiving discounts and special offers during the holiday season. But let’s think for a while – will people pay attention to a law advertisement mail piece among various retail sales and shiny Christmas postcards? Probably not.

So, make sure to choose the right time for sending out postcards about the services you provide. Otherwise, all efforts spent on your direct mail campaign will be lost.

A couple of additional direct mail marketing ideas

  1. The packaging is the first thing that people see when they receive a direct mail piece. Sometimes even a plain white envelope without returning address can grab your attention if it includes a stamp with a special sign of importance or urgency. Try using different types or colors of packaging each time you are launching a direct mail marketing campaign.
  2. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, oversized envelopes have the best response rate. You can invoke curiosity and create the impression that there is something special inside a bulky envelope by inserting business cards or separately printed testimonials from your clients.
  3. Such elements as QR codes can bring more interactivity to your overall marketing campaign. QR code can lead to the website of the law firm or directly to the page which includes additional information you have delivered in the direct mail piece. To start incorporating QR codes into your direct mail, try Beaconstac. Beaconstac’s QR code solution allows you to create trackable, dynamic and customizable QR codes with online retargeting.
  4. Improve your communication with customers by giving them a reason to come back to you and respond to your mail. You can offer to send them a free legal brochure or a first free phone consultation on their legal issue.


The legal sphere requires thorough attention to every detail, including marketing campaigns. A personalized approach to each marketing piece will bring you good response rates. Make your clients feel more confident about doing business with you. In this respect, direct mail is still one of your arsenal’s most efficient marketing tools.

Direct mail for attorneys is an excellent way to introduce services you have to offer to your new or existing clients. With Inkit’s automation software you can reach your customers offline, integrate your CRM systems or customer data services, and ensure same-day print to mail.

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