If you’ve ever thought that direct mail marketing is no longer important for real estate businesses, you thought wrong. In fact, real estate direct mail marketing campaigns are the best way to attract the attention of your target audience, nurture leads, improve response rates, and achieve your sales and marketing goals. Some marketing professionals might be hesitant about direct mail because they don’t know how to plan and execute direct mail campaigns. In this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to make sure that your real estate direct mail marketing campaign runs smoothly and drives leads.

Yes, we know that manually managing each batch, taking care of print, envelopes, and mailing lists can be tiresome. Thankfully, automation solutions exist making direct mail campaigns more cost and time effective. You can even entrust the whole printing and delivery process to a third-party. As an additional benefit, you will reach the elusive offline customer and improve customer satisfaction. Sounds exciting? Continue reading to learn how direct mail can increase customer interest and make people remember your real estate marketing campaign.

A Couple of Facts About Real Estate Direct Mail Campaigns

For marketers, attracting your potential customer’s attention is of utmost importance. When your target audience takes notice of your products or services, you win. As a real estate agent or investor, you must understand the needs and expectations of house owners or buyers.

And based on the recent stats on mail marketing campaigns, this is what your customers think about direct mail:

  • 70% of people believe that offline mail looks more personal than online
  • 48% of people keep mail they may need for future reference
  • Upscale households prefer direct mail over online emails
  • The response rates of direct mail are 700% higher than the response rates of email, paid search, and social media
  • 92% of millennials have made a purchase influenced by direct mail

This proves that real estate direct mail is highly effective even in today’s digital era. Real estate postcards, yellow letters, brochures, and other print marketing materials have underappreciated potential. So maybe it’s high time to shift your focus from phone calls or email newsletters to real estate direct mail marketing?

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Advantages of Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

#1. No more ineffective sales pitches

Most people are so tired of real estate agents’ pitches over the phone that they refuse to listen. Customized postcard campaigns, on the other hand, give people a sense of control. Your potential buyers can set a piece of mail aside and return to it when they are ready to make a decision.

#2. Personalized approach

People like to feel that they are special. In a highly globalized world focused on wholesale services, customization wins the hearts of customers. An offline postcard is frequently perceived as a personal touch. For example, if your mailing list includes people with high buying power who live in a polluted district, you should stress that the offered house is located in a non-polluted area with the cleanest air on the mailer. Such a personalized approach really helps increase your response rates.

#3. Lead nurturing

The success of the real estate business largely depends on its database of existing and potential customers. Direct mail marketing campaigns will help you set up an effective lead nurturing process. Even if a lead doesn’t convert after getting a postcard, you will attract their interest – and the interest of their household members.

#4. Reinforce online marketing

Direct mailing may become a part of a multi-touch real estate marketing campaign and strengthen the effect of all promotion tactics you use. Offline materials remind customers about a brand they have seen online – and vice versa.

Tips for Choosing a Postcard Design

Now, when you know the benefits of real estate direct mail marketing, you need to create print materials best suited for your campaign. Try to make your postcards and leaflets eye-catching and appealing. You could also select direct mail services that offer template software and automate all the printing and mailing routine tasks for you. This will save you a lot of time and effort. It is a good solution for a beginner who’s not sure how to handle all the design, printing, and mailing nuances.

Using the right background and font, you could also imitate yellow letters with their look of an authentic handwritten note. The experts in real estate investing and business claim this is one of the most effective real estate marketing methods. Just imagine a person opening their mail. It will take them less than a second to decide between keeping a leaflet or throwing it away. But what if it a seemingly handwritten note, not a regular leaflet? You haven’t received one in ages, you would at least hesitate, right?

What Can an Automated Printing and Mailing Service Do for Direct Mail Campaigns?

It was already mentioned in this article that automating direct mail campaigns can do wonders for your real estate marketing. But what’s so special about direct mail automation? And what makes it so effective? Let’s have a look at our own experience at Inkit.

First of all, you can benefit from a custom postcard builder. This feature allows you to combine different fonts, colors, and images to create the exact piece of mail that you need. You will no longer have to spend a fortune on professional designers to get a stylish postcard, leaflet or other print materials. In addition, Inkit integrates customized data with your direct mailing campaigns. This will help you speed up sending personalized postcards and targeting individual customers on a personal level, which is crucial for real estate business.

Finally, with the assistance of direct mail marketing services for real estate, you will be able to spend more time on your core business activities. Inkit direct mail automation platform will handle the majority of your printing and shipping chores, and in the long run, it will also save you money by speeding up all your direct mail marketing processes.

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