Customer Retention

Strategies and tips that identify, track and sell more to the customers who are most likely to become your long-term sources of revenue
How to Reach Out to New Customers and Attract Their Attention in 2021: Automated Communication Systems
Marketing Automation
October 6, 2021
Learn what trends in reaching out to customers govern in 2021 and how to reach out to new customers with automated communication systems.
What Software a Postal Address Validation API Integrates With: Examples and Technical Aspects
Learn what types of software business owners connect with a postal address validation API most often and how the API integration benefits its functionality.
Address Database Cleansing and Five Data Compliance Standards It Helps to Meet
Learn what address database cleansing is and how companies run address cleanup to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and California Consumer Privacy Act.
User Role Setup and Management in HTML into PDF Rendering Tools
Inkit in Use
August 10, 2021
Learn why you should choose HTML into PDF rendering software with user role configuration and how to implement it through an HTML to PDF API for security management.
Top 6 Innovations in Customer Communication Channels in 2021
Discover the changes in customer communication channels brought by the digital trends of 2021, and learn how to use cutting-edge technology to reach your customers.
Top 7 Features Your Address Verification Software Should Have
Discover the 7 must-have features of address verification software for corporate use, including trigger-based checks, address autocompletion, API integration, and more.
Five New Ways Companies Use for Reaching out to Customers Who Ignore Traditional Means
Reach Enablement
July 21, 2021
Learn how to reach out to more customers through new channels you probably haven’t used before: self-service portals, offline messages, micro influencing, and more.
Improving Customer Reach, Customer Engagement and Satisfaction with Interactive Offline Communications
Reach Enablement
July 5, 2021
Learn what interactive marketing is and how to use it offline to start increasing customer satisfaction with direct mail marketing trends and other channels.
Why We Built the World’s First Render Management Service (RMS)
Inkit in Use
June 17, 2021
Learn what inspired Inkit to design a unique document rendering solution and how it helps other businesses to scale, save money, and control document management.
How to Reach Customers in Finances: Top Challenges and Solution Examples
Digital Invoicing
June 14, 2021
Learn what difficulties financial organizations face while trying to reach their customers via online and offline marketing channels and how to deal with them.
How Will Customer Communications Automation Evolve in 2021 and Beyond?
Customer communications automation and innovations revolutionize the customer experience. Learn about the impact of the five most powerful 2021 tech trends here.
8 Best Customer Appreciation Gifts and How to Send Them in Batches
Looking for a fast and easy solution to deliver custom corporate gifts in batches? We’ve got you covered. Learn how to manage batch shipments and what to send.v
5 Data Hygiene Best Practices to Keep Your Customer Data Healthy
Data cleansing strategy must include regular audits, data prioritization, CRM database cleansing automation, and more. Discover other data hygiene practices here.
How to Create a Secure Archive for Email Communications
Discover how to turn an email into a PDF for archiving and the benefits of archiving emails, including higher security, enhanced data management, and others.
Free Address Standardization vs. Paid Address Scrubbing: What to Choose
Although free address standardization helps save money, premium address scrubbing services are more powerful. Learn what option to choose for your case.
HTML into PDF Rendering for HTML Code Notes in Software Development Projects
Digital Invoicing
March 30, 2021
When developers put comments in their HTML code, they should convert the notes to PDF for record-keeping and tracking changes.
6 Ways the ‘New Normal’ Will Lead to Better Customer Communication
Marketing Automation
March 18, 2021
Learn how transition to paperless, automation software, business optimization, and other pandemic-related measures improve the quality of customer communication.
5 Keys to Successful Remote Customer Communication
Remote customer communication could be challenging. In this post, Inkit shares five keys to successful customer reach when working remotely.
Data Enrichment with Address Information: Legislative Restrictions and Rules
Address information is something worth including in your marketing data enrichment practices. Learn how to stay compliant enriching data and what rules to follow
5 Reasons to Run Email Verification and Offline Address Validation Checks
Email verification and offline address validation can save you money, improve the accuracy of communications, and bring other benefits detailed on this page.
Customer Communication Done Right: Four Ways to Reach Your Customers
Reach Enablement
February 23, 2021
Learn what behavioral metrics help to measure the quality of your customer communications and how to efficiently maintain contact with customers in this blog post.
Customer Retention Best Practices for 2021: Customer Reach, Online Address Verification, and More
Increase customer retention with improved customer reach, online address verification services, professional content, and other approaches listed here.
How Often Do You Need to Verify and Re-Verify Mailing Addresses of Customers?
When you verify and re-verify mailing addresses, you can verify customers’ identities, make order delivery more accurate, and enjoy many other benefits listed here.
6 Types of Customer Loyalty Campaigns Powered by Address Validation
Customer loyalty in marketing increases your revenue and retention rates. Learn how to supercharge customer loyalty campaigns with address validation in this post.
5 Reasons for Product Managers to Automatically Validate Customer Addresses
With address verification, product managers can validate shipping addresses, improve communication, and optimize their work in many other ways.
5 Issues That Block You From Reaching Your Customers
Reach Enablement
December 14, 2020
Lack of data validation, poor onboarding, and other issues can prevent your messages from reaching customers. Learn how to avoid this in this article.
5 Steps to Customer Journey Automation and a Single Customer View
Marketing Automation
December 7, 2020
Customer journey automation allows you to achieve a single customer view and provide a better customer experience. Here’s how to achieve it in five simple steps.
Best Tips on How to Improve Customer Reach with Quality Address Data Management
Reach Enablement
December 2, 2020
Address data management systems can improve the accuracy of your mailings, cut expenses, increase security, and bring a range of other benefits.
A Guide to Compliance, Security, and Integrations for a Single Customer View
Reach Enablement
November 4, 2020
A guide to open-source address validation and address autocomplete services. Find out more about the related security, integration, and compliance issues.
Pros and Cons of Open-Source Address Validation for Businesses
Learn the good and the bad of open-source address validation services and find out more about Inkit’s platform as an advanced data verification alternative.
Why You Need Address Normalization and How to Implement It
Mailing experts explain how to run USPS address standardization manually and use address normalization services and how your business will benefit from this.
Guide to Postal Address Cleansing and Address Autocomplete Services
Learn how to use address cleansing and address autocomplete services to increase your mail accuracy, improve customer experience, optimize expenses, and more.
For What and for Whom Is Open-Source Address Validation?
Open-source address validation is usually not an option to properly verify address databases. Discover address validation APIs & tools to substitute it effectively.
4 Challenges of Mail List Processing and How to Overcome Them
When address data is incomplete, incorrect, or outdated, direct mail campaigns suffer. Learn how to improve data quality with mail list processing.
Address Data Management: Use Cases and Best Approaches
Professional mailers explain what is address data management, the benefits of including it in your master data management strategy, and marketing use cases.
7 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing as a Part of Your Strategy
Direct Mail Marketing
October 2, 2020
Modern direct mail marketing is cost-effective, trackable, and targets specific leads with personalized messages. Here’s how direct mail can benefit your business.
How to CASS Certify Mailing Lists Cost-Effectively
What is CASS verification for address validation? In this blog article, mailing experts explain what businesses may need CASS and how to use it cost-effectively.
Postal Address Verification: Tools & Best Practices
Postal address verification is essential to cut return rates and financial losses. Find out what tools can verify mailing addresses and how to use them now.
Data Enrichment and Reverse Geocoding: Improving Customer Experience with Geolocation
Reverse geocoding that generates street addresses based on geolocation can boost your marketing and optimize back-office operations. More about using it on this page.
Single Customer View: Address Lookup & Other Options to Collect Data
To be truly effective, a single customer view must unite online and offline channels. Learn how to track and record offline communications in this article.
Dealing with Insufficient Address & Saving Costs on Undelivered/Returned Mail
Learn how to minimize mail return rates by reducing insufficient address returns and improving the accuracy of contact information. More detailed guidelines here.
Offline Channels in Account-Based Marketing Campaigns
Find out what is account-based marketing, why you need to run target research of your audience, and how to use offline channels in ABM campaigns.
Remarket Customers with “We Want You Back” Postcard
July 8, 2020
Customer win-back campaigns can comprise different channels, including mail. More about “We want you back” postcards and business postcard design tips here.
5 Steps to a Customer Retention Program with Direct Mail
Customer retention vs. customer acquisition. How and why to run a multi-step customer retention program with direct mail marketing?
5 Ways to Make Dunning Accounts Renew Subscription
What are dunning accounts and how they affect your business? 5 affordable ways to bring back customers and renew subscriptions + direct mail for churn reduction.
7 Offline & Online B2B Lead Generation Under Social Distancing
B2B marketing in 2020. B2B marketing channels used for online lead generation and how to generate leads offline. Mail automation for cross-channel lead nurturing.
Op-Ed: Meal Delivery and Direct Mail
Inkit in Use
April 10, 2020
Meal delivery companies use direct mail for customer retention and customer success. Learn more about how food delivery companies utilize direct mail.
5 Customer Retention Strategies and Tips
Marketing Automation
April 10, 2020
Looking for business growth ideas? When it comes to growing startups, many businesses are so focused on gaining new customers that they fail to retain...
How To Close After Meeting With A Prospect
Direct Mail Marketing
April 10, 2020
Ever get stuck in the sales conversion process? Close deals every single time by following these three simple steps. It's easier than you think!
Most Win-Back Campaigns Miss
Marketing Automation
April 10, 2020
Re-engagement campaigns can easily double the number of customers you win back. And with one secret weapon many marketers neglect, you can do even better.
3 Big Reasons Why Customers Churn
April 10, 2020
Your customers are probably leaving for one of these 3 reasons. Here are our favorite retention campaign ideas to keep them (with real-life examples).
5 Ways to Convert First-Time Purchasers Into Repeat Buyers
April 10, 2020
Any good marketer knows their work has just begun at the initial point of sale. Use these customer retention strategies to boost loyalty.
Building A Direct Mail Campaign For Millennials
Direct Mail Marketing
April 10, 2020
Millennials respond to direct mail better than email and any other form of online ad. Learn how to send direct mail millennials will love.
Retargeting Website Visitors With Direct Mail
More than half of today's consumers tune out online ads. Sync your online campaigns with direct mail remarketing to run effective ads.
Re-engagement: 5 Postcard Ideas To Win Back Your Customers
April 10, 2020
You're going to lose about 25 percent of your email list this year. Ramp up your campaigns with these five re-engagement postcard examples.
Direct Mail Retention for Online Subscription Businesses
The subscription business model is taking the e-commerce industry by storm, but retention is a significant problem. Direct mail can reduce churn.
5 Tips on How to Use Direct Mail for Client Reactivation
Learn how to use Direct Mail Automation for customer reactivation in your marketing strategy
Personalization Plans Within the Context of the Customer Experience
Sailthru knows personalization and segmentation strategies in automated marketing platforms with a cross-channel approach can heighten customer experience,
Customer Loyalty and Direct Mail
Are you using direct mail for customer loyalty? More marketers are turning to direct mail not only to drive repeat business but to increase loyalty.
5 Direct Mail Triggers to Perk Up Direct Marketing Strategy
Direct mail triggers bring in major results. In an increasingly digital landscape, these postcard triggers provide the extra touch marketers need.
Automated Direct Mail: 3 Quick Wins
Automated direct mail is changing the game. Link your CRM and direct mail automation software to boost the already sky-high response rates of direct mail marketing.
Direct Mail Marketing for Generation Z
Direct mail automation is critical to reaching Generation Z, a group that will soon account for 40% of consumers and $4 billion in spending.
Direct Mail Cookie Retargeting: 3 Use Cases
With direct mail cookie retargeting, you use powerful digital marketing tools to reach online customers with strong messages offline.
Why are Real Estate Direct Mailers so Effective?
Real Estate direct mail marketing campaigns - why are they so effective and how can you automate them? Here are the answers and tips to choose the best postcard design
Where Direct Mail and Account Based Marketing Intersect?
ABM Direct Marketing is a powerful B2B marketing tool. Combine direct mail with account based marketing to increase customer loyalty, ROI, and revenue.
How to Use Direct Mail Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys
Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing channels for law firms and attorneys. Here are tips to help you create results-oriented direct mail pieces.
Customer Retention Strategies in 2019
Looking for the best way to retain your customers? Try direct mail to boost your customer retention strategies.
Six Tips to a Customer Onboarding Program that Rocks
Be it for customer onboarding or employee onboarding, direct mail will take your corporate onboarding process to a new level.
4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Direct Mail Campaigns
Analysis of real direct mail campaigns. Business owners & marketers share their experience in mail marketing. The most common mistakes and simple ways to avoid them
4 Real Case Studies of Black Friday Promotions with Marketing Tips
April 1, 2020
Case Study: How companies use Black Friday flyers. Business owners and marketers share their experience with direct mail in Black Friday promotions.
10 Tips On How to Boost After-Holiday Sales
How to keep buyers after Christmas? 10 Tips for creating an effective post-holiday marketing strategy. The right marketing message, cross-selling, mail, and more
Best Marketing Channel for Re-Engagement: NatureBox’s Case Study
Inkit in Use
April 1, 2020
What is re-engagement? Emails, dynamic ads, and direct mail as key remarketing channels. NatureBox’s case study on re-engagement postcards powered by Inkit.
3 Examples of Best Online & Offline Post-Holiday Campaigns
Quick tips on how to make post-holiday marketing work. 3 Detailed examples of online and offline marketing: targeted ads, mail, social media, and more.
Valentine’s Day Postcards for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
March 21, 2020
Valentine’s Day direct mail campaigns for brand visibility: postcard ideas and case studies. B2B and B2C offline marketing campaigns for customer loyalty.
How to Use Triggered Journeys and Automation to Reach the Masses
How to use triggered customer journeys to optimize customer experience touchpoints: customer data analysis, enhanced experience, mobile touchpoints & direct mail

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