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From envelope sizes to eye-catching postcards. This collection provides useful information for your direct mail ideas.
Six Issues with At-Scale HTML to PDF Conversion and How an API PDF Generator Solves Them
Product Guides
October 6, 2021
Learn how to change HTML to PDF free at scale avoiding the most common issues, such as HTML to PDF size rendering, document formatting, metadata retention, etc.
The Importance and Use of Metadata in HTML to PDF Conversion
Product Guides
September 7, 2021
Learn how Python HTML to PDF and other automated converters handle metadata and why it is so important to have metadata information both in HTML and PDF.
How to Render Images with High Resolution from HTML into PDF: Formats, Limitations & Tools
Product Guides
August 31, 2021
Learn how to render images with high resolution from HTML to PDF and what factors to take into account: source image formatting, limitations, and rendering software.
Digital Publishing: How to Use HTML to PDF Сonverter to Create Digital Magazines
Digital Invoicing
August 23, 2021
Learn how to turn PDF into an online magazine and why HTML to PDF converter is essential in digital publishing to create properly formatted and readable digital files.
Styling and Layout Capabilities Offered in an HTML to PDF API
Digital Invoicing
August 21, 2021
Learn what parameters you can customize using an HTML to PDF API: HTML to PDF footer on every page, page brakes, margins, crop marks, and more.
How to Standardize Postal Address Data
Reach Enablement
August 19, 2021
Get rid of bad addresses. Check, clean, reformat, and standardize postal addresses in your database to boost your customer communications and customer reach efforts.
How to Convert HTML into PDF with the Right End-Formatting PDF Requirements
Inkit in Use
August 14, 2021
Learn the standard PDF requirements (sections, images, sizing) and what parameters to configure in HTML into PDF rendering software for proper conversion.
6 Features Your Invoicing Software Should Have in 2021
Digital Invoicing
July 23, 2021
Learn what features companies adopting invoicing software should use in 2021 to provide quality services, ensure customer data security, and reap other benefits.
What Are Template Background Check Forms and When to Use Them?
Digital Invoicing
July 9, 2021
Learn more about the types of template background check forms, when to send each of them, and how to optimize document management with templates vs. automation.
Calculating the Cost of HTML into PDF File Conversion for Your Business
Product Guides
April 9, 2021
PDF rendering software and PDF reporting tools convert HTML files into PDF for more convenience.
Common HTML into PDF Rendering Problems and How to Avoid Them
Digital Invoicing
March 25, 2021
To prevent conversion to PDF failed messages, you should choose the right software to convert HTML code to PDF and properly configure it—more in this post.
Direct Mail Cost: USPS Postage Rates and Post Office Shipment Prices
Product Guides
March 19, 2021
Make direct mail campaigns the most cost-effective component of your marketing strategy. Bring the accuracy of shipments to the new level with Inkit Send.
Package Shipping for Businesses: USPS Shipping Dimensions and Box Sizes
Product Guides
March 12, 2021
Prepare all your business and e-commerce shipments based on USPS shipping dimension limits, standard box sizes, and other essential details.
Designing Postcards for Printing: Postcard Dimensions, Specifications, and More
Product Guides
March 5, 2021
Make postal printing your key to success: create impressive printed production adhering to postcard requirements and standard postcard dimensions.
What Is a ZIP Code and How to Check It? Manual vs. Automatic Zip Code Checks
Product Guides
February 26, 2021
Find out what a ZIP code is and how to read it ✔️ ZIP code lookup tools and US map with ZIP codes ✔️ Address validation software to add ZIP codes automatically
How to Turn an Email Into a PDF: A Step by Step Guide
Product Guides
February 19, 2021
Learn how to turn an email into a PDF manually in email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird) or automatically with Inkit Render
Paperless Office: 11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Paperless
Back Office Automation
February 18, 2021
Paperless office meaning ✔️ Discover how the benefits of going paperless in business can save money, optimize work, enhance document management, and more.
The 7 Difficulties of Batch Address Validation and How to Fix Them
To help batch address verification software work properly, you need to avoid these 7 common mistakes. Learn what they are and how to prevent them in our post.
US Address Examples, Guidelines, and Alternative Verification Solutions
Direct Mail Marketing
November 17, 2020
Learn how to write an address in different postal address formats, including domestic, business, military, and international, and when to automate mail fulfillment.
Crafting Thank You Emails and Postcards for Your Customer Loyalty Program
September 11, 2020
Thank you emails and postcards delivered at the right time can help you strengthen customer relationships. Learn how to send them and when in this blog post.
Business Mail Delivery Terms and Conditions
Direct Mail Marketing
August 14, 2020
Discover general mailing terms and rules of sending special, financial, utilities, and business mail. Automation as a simpler way to organize mail delivery.
How & Why to Connect Printers to Digital Apps for Wireless Network Printing
Types, uses, and benefits of wireless network printing and mobile printing solutions. How to connect printers to apps for manually managed or automated printing.
Booklet, Brochure, Catalog Printing and Mailing: How-tos and Best Practices
The subtleties of catalog, booklet, and custom brochure printing & delivery. Examples of how to use large-format mail in triggered direct mail campaigns.
Ultimate Guide on Certified Mail: Format, Certified Letter Tracking, and Automation
Detailed guide on what is certified mail and when to use it. Discover more about certified mail envelope format, pricing, and certified letter tracking options.
7 Rules for Writing a Postcard to Match Your Business Needs
April 21, 2020
How to write & design a postcard that boosts marketing. Channel your business postcard inspiration into the quality design, content, mail automation, and more.
Benefits of Producing Mail in Batches with Batch Printing Software
Marketing Automation
April 12, 2020
Why use batch printing. 3 printing approaches: sending a batch file to print to network, outsourcing, and full automation. Inkit’s batch printing automation.
6 Things You Need to Create Direct Mail Postcards
April 10, 2020
Learn what you need to create your first direct mail postcard campaign
How to Build a Postcard in Inkit’s Template Builder
Inkit in Use
April 10, 2020
Inkit lets you create your direct mail postcard in our Custom Campaign Builder
May Inkit Direct Mail Postcard Roundup
April 10, 2020
Every month, we feature direct mail postcards created by Inkit customers. This month includes examples from meal delivery companies, dry cleaning stores...
7 Powerful Postcard Ideas to Start Your First Direct Mail Campaign
April 10, 2020
What if reigniting your audience’s interest was as simple as sending them a postcard? Try it with these 7 postcard ideas for creative marketers.
Follow These 4 Rules for Effective Business Postcards
April 10, 2020
It's easier than ever to set up your own direct mail campaigns. Here's how to make sure they're just as effective and cutting-edge as your digital assets.
7 Tips on How to Deliver High Converting Marketing Postcards
April 9, 2020
Deliver high converting postcards with direct mail automation software
8 Tips for Smarter (And Better Performing) Direct Mail
Direct mail has an average ROI of up to 17%, and the opportunity is growing with the advent of digital tools. Here are 8 tips to make direct mail smarter.
Inkit’s New Postcard Template Builder Has Arrived
Inkit in Use
April 9, 2020
We launched our new marketing postcard template and now your personalized direct mailing campaign can be designed with greater speed and ease. Postcards for
5 Tips to Grab Attention with Direct Mail
April 9, 2020
Direct mail continues to outperform just about every digital channel combined. Follow these direct mail tips to get even better results.
5 Ways to Write Powerful Direct Mail Headlines
The direct mail headline is one of the most important pieces of your campaign. To up-level postcard headlines, try these 5 direct mail copywriting tactics.
Measuring Direct Mail Campaigns: 5 Factors to Analyze
Learn how to measure direct mail campaigns properly
5 Direct Mail Examples You Have to Swipe
April 7, 2020
Add these direct mail examples to your swipe file. Even the best and brightest marketing copywriters must take inspiration from somewhere.
3 Tips for Your Next Automated Postcard Mailing
Ready to take automated postcard mailings to the next level? Follow these 3 tips for more effective direct mail campaigns.
5 Essential Elements to Include In Your Direct Mail Content
Your direct mail content planning should involve more than just design and copy. The most successful direct mail content includes these five elements.
How to Protect Direct Mail From Damage, Scuffs and Smudges
Inkit in Use
April 3, 2020
Learn ways of how you can protect your direct mail from damages
How to Prevent Postcard Damage in the Mail?
April 3, 2020
Don’t know how to prevent postcard damage in mail? Read our tips on damaged mail to reduce the risks. Protect your postcards creating an optimum design.
What Direct Mail Size Is Right For Your Campaign?
April 1, 2020
Guide on direct mail & postcard sizes. Check out the dimensions of the most common mail types to choose the one you need. Learn how the right mail size can benefit you.
4 Ways to Create a Shopping Frenzy with Black Friday Flyers
April 1, 2020
Direct mail can maximize the effect of your Black Friday promotions. Learn why such holidays are important for your business and how to use Black Friday flyers.
15 Tips on Effective Direct Mail Design
April 1, 2020
Learn how to pick the right mail format, personalize direct mail, achieve optimum text readability, and more.
Thanksgiving Cards in Direct Mail Campaigns
April 1, 2020
Thanksgiving cards for business marketing and just for fun. Learn the differences and use cases. Get inspiration from Thanksgiving mail campaigns with examples.
Business Сhristmas Cards: Recommendations and Useful Resources
April 1, 2020
Guide on business Christmas cards. Corporate Christmas cards do’s and don’ts. Resources with Christmas card templates. Examples of greeting messages.
5 Types of Printing Techniques for Web-to-Print
March 21, 2020
5 different types of printing techniques in the web-to-print industry. Features of postcards. Automated postcard mailing and personalized postcards with Inkit.

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