Healthcare & Insurance

Automated insurance direct mail marketing is a potent lead generation and nurturing tool which can help you increase the quality of obtained leads
HIPAA Compliance: Using Address Verification for Verification of Identity
To run a verification of identity under HIPAA and stay compliant, you need to validate address data. More about HIPAA requirements and address verification here.
Automated Address Validation for Insurance Verification Systems
Address data is essential at each stage of the eligibility and benefits verification process. Learn how to verify an address in insurance verification systems.
Address Verification Process for Verifying Patient Data in Healthcare
The address verification process implemented in healthcare enhances security and customer service. Learn how to start verifying patient data now.
3 Things to Note Before Using Mortgage and Loan Pre-Approval Letter Templates
Direct Mail Marketing
August 14, 2020
The main types of loan approval letters and when to send them. Learn how to optimize mortgage services with pre-approval letter templates and mail delivery tips.
What Is a Subrogation Letter and How Insurance Companies Should Deliver It
The definition of a subrogation letter. How to send subrogation notices through direct mail and automate the mail delivery. Additional use cases of automated mail.
GDPR Compliance for Direct Mail - Healthcare, Finance, and Other Regulated Fields
Direct Mail Marketing
March 21, 2020
What is GDPR compliance? An action plan on how to make your marketing and mail GDPR compliant. The benefits of GDPR postal mailing lists for mail marketing
Automated Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance Agents
Direct Mail Marketing
March 21, 2020
Automated direct mail marketing for insurance agents. How mail generates and nurtures leads. Medicare postcards. Tips on effective use of automated insurance mail.

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