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Automated insurance direct mail marketing is a potent lead generation and nurturing tool which can help you increase the quality of obtained leads
How to Create HIPAA Compliant Direct Mail
April 13, 2022
Send HIPAA compliant direct mail with our guidelines. HIPAA compliance is essential for hospitals and other healthcare providers that deliver medical direct mail
8 Types of Insurance Docs to Handle Automatically in the Insurance Documentation Process
November 13, 2021
earn what types of insurance templates are suitable for automating the insurance documentation process and why to invest in automated document management
7 Healthcare Documentation Types Most Suitable for Automated PDF Generation
November 5, 2021
Learn what types of healthcare documentation and digital medical records you need to generate automatically and how to convert HTML to PDF for document automation
Automated Insurance Document Generation in Insurance Web Portals
October 22, 2021
Learn why insurance companies need automated insurance document generation in their web portals, business benefits of document automation, and implementation tips
Document Generation in Healthcare Portals: Should You Build It From Scratch or Buy an API?
October 12, 2021
For health records management (PDF), you need HTML to PDF rendering. Our blog post will help you decide whether to develop an HTML to PDF renderer or pay for an API
6 Tips to Manage Claims and Invoices in the Healthcare Industry
October 5, 2021
Learn proven ways to improve claim and invoice management in healthcare services: upfront payments, billing automation, HTML to PDF rendering, outsourcing, and more.
How to Achieve the 9001 ISO Certification of Document Maintenance with Electronic Document Management
July 9, 2021
Learn what’s in the latest version of 9001 ISO certification, why your organization might need to get it, and how electronic document management helps to comply.
Four Ways to Reduce Paper Copies in Healthcare with Document Rendering
May 11, 2021
Digital transformation in healthcare depends on going paperless. Learn how to switch from carbon copies to electronic medical documents.
Digital Rendering for Compliance: Carbon Footprint, Private Data Protection & Compliance
April 30, 2021
Document digital rendering helps businesses meet the key laws and standards, including eco-footprint, data protection, and information technology compliance.
3 Things to Note Before Using Mortgage and Loan Pre-Approval Letter Templates
August 14, 2020
The main types of loan approval letters and when to send them. Learn how to optimize mortgage services with pre-approval letter templates and mail delivery tips.
What Is a Subrogation Letter and How Insurance Companies Should Deliver It
June 18, 2020
The definition of a subrogation letter. How to send subrogation notices through direct mail and automate the mail delivery. Additional use cases of automated mail.
GDPR Compliance for Direct Mail - Healthcare, Finance, and Other Regulated Fields
March 21, 2020
What is GDPR compliance? An action plan on how to make your marketing and mail GDPR compliant. The benefits of GDPR postal mailing lists for mail marketing
Automated Direct Mail Marketing for Insurance Agents
March 21, 2020
Automated direct mail marketing for insurance agents. How mail generates and nurtures leads. Medicare postcards. Tips on effective use of automated insurance mail.