Strategies and tactics to attract customers and drive sales. Check out planning, promotion, and presentation of a product with the help of direct mail automation and other marketing tools across different marketing channels.
Data Privacy as One of the Ways to Impact Consumer Purchasing Decisions
May 26, 2022
Purchase decisions of consumers are impacted by data privacy, among other factors. Learn more about optimizing the consumer purchase decision-making process here
Eco-Friendly Direct Mail Marketing
May 16, 2022
Direct mail marketing is going green. Explore how to create eco-friendly mail marketing materials that will save your resources and make your brand stand out
5 Ways To Use An E-commerce Quiz to Benefit Your Business
April 29, 2022
E-commerce quizzes allow retailers to personalize shopping experience and offer more relevant products to consumers. Learn how to use them in our blog article
Direct Mail Retargeting: How Does It Work
April 26, 2022
Direct mail retargeting is one of the most effective strategies to convert a prospect into a paying client. Here's what you need to know to make it work for you.
Saturation Direct Mailing Lists For Lowest Rates
April 6, 2022
What is a saturation mailing? ✅ Learn the benefits of saturation direct mail and how to get the lowest rates for your business to minimize mailing expenses
Tips for Improving Brand Storytelling With Direct Mail
March 30, 2022
Storytelling marketing through direct mail creates a stronger bond with your customers ✅ Learn how to research the audience and implement brand storytelling here
When to Use USPS Marketing Mail?
March 25, 2022
USPS Marketing Mail is a cost-effective way to send flyers, newsletters, bulletins, and catalogs ✅ USPS mail marketing vs. First-Class Mail vs. Automated mail
USPS No Access to Delivery Location: Meaning And How to Avoid It
March 24, 2022
No Access to Delivery Location means the USPS can't deliver a mailing to a specified address ✅ Learn why it happens and how to prevent failed deliveries here
Overview of Postage Rates & Prices for 2022
March 19, 2022
Postage rates in 2022 ✅ Learn how and why the United States Postal Service increases the cost of Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and some other services
How To Mail A Letter: Step-By-Step Instructions
March 17, 2022
‘How to mail a letter' instructions for businesses and individuals. Learn the proper format of mailing a letter, current postage rates, and envelope sizes here.
How to Start an Informed Delivery Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide
March 10, 2022
Informed Delivery provides essential tracking information for customer mail packages. Get step-by-step instructions on how to launch Informed Delivery mail here
11 Global Consumer Trends Businesses Should Consider in 2022
March 2, 2022
Learn global consumer trends in 2022 and how businesses can use them to make marketing efforts more successful, launch new products, grow revenue, and more
9 Marketing Automation Triggers For Direct Mail and How to Use Them
February 25, 2022
What is marketing automation triggers and why apply them in mail campaigns ✅ List of customer activities marketers should use to initiate triggered direct mail
First-Class Mail: How Much Does it Cost?
February 18, 2022
First-Class Mail is for anyone sending a parcel 13 ounces or less. Learn what are the pricing options and how to send direct mail more efficiently with automation
How Does Mail Forwarding Work For Businesses?
February 15, 2022
Business mail forwarding services can save from the administrative hassle if you handle lots of mail. Learn how does mail forwarding work in our blog post
What is Programmatic Direct Mail Marketing And Why Use It
February 2, 2022
Programmatic direct mail marketing helps you engage more customers. Find out how it works and how to boost your marketing efforts with trigger-based mailings
How To Choose Direct Mail Images For Your Next Campaign
January 28, 2022
The direct mail image is a great tool to grab your customers’ attention. Here’s how to choose one for your next direct mail marketing campaign.
5 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Direct Mail
January 20, 2022
A successful direct mail campaign is more than nicely-crafted mailings. It's about the actual impact. Learn how to measure direct mail marketing success rate here
How To Make Sure Mail Delivery Doesn’t Fail: A Guide for Businesses
January 12, 2022
Having mail delivery issues? Lost mail and undelivered items are some of the things that could go wrong. Learn how to ensure that mail delivery doesn't fail.
Direct Mail Marketing: How to Plan Strategies for 2022
December 29, 2021
In a world engulfed by digital technologies, direct mail marketing still proves effective. Learn how to create a winning direct mail marketing strategy for 2022.
How Long Does First Class Mail Take?
December 28, 2021
Speedy delivery of mail from businesses is of the utmost importance. This article focuses on what is first class mail, why it’s important, and the USPS first class packag
Direct Mail Advertising in the Digital Marketing Era
December 24, 2021
Find answers to frequently asked questions about direct mail advertising, its pros and cons, place in the digital marketing era, and possible uses in our blog post
Working out the Real Impact of Poor Postal Address Data Quality
December 21, 2021
Learn what is poor postal address data quality with some case studies and discover how exactly it affects your budget, how to calculate financial losses, and prevent them
B2C & B2B Postcard Marketing in 2022: Essential Tips & What to Expect
December 15, 2021
Postcard marketing is a must-have in your 2022 marketing campaigns planner. Here’s how to plan & launch your B2B & B2C postcard marketing campaigns.
Direct Marketing Trends in 2022: New Uses, Integrations, and Approaches
December 9, 2021
Learn what direct marketing is and discover trends to follow in 2022: API-based software, advanced targeting, automated direct mail marketing, and more
What Happens When Your Parcel Gets Returned & How to Prevent It
December 8, 2021
How does it feel to pay for a package marked return to sender? Find out why a parcel may be returned to the shipper and learn how to prevent it from happening.
Direct Mail API Tools to Automate Postcard and Letter Campaigns
December 7, 2021
Learn what is direct mail processing API, how it works, and why mail APIs enhance the functionality of your existing software and your business productivity
API Integrations for Automated Inventory Management in 2021
November 26, 2021
Here’s how automated document generation, address verification, and other APIs integrated into inventory management tools help improve vendor & customer communications
How Web Portals Work and Why They Need to Convert HTML to PDF
October 31, 2021
Learn what is a web portal and why it needs HTML to PDF conversion to create documents, enable users to download them, archive files, and improve user experience
Automated PDF Generation for Digital Transformation of Banking and Financial Software
October 16, 2021
Learn why to achieve comprehensive banking and financial software automation you need PDF generation implemented through an HTML to PDF conversion API.
How to Create Highly Customized PDF from URL Web Page
October 6, 2021
Learn what is custom HTML to PDF document rendering, what PDF parameters you can change to create tailored documents, and why to use an API generator for it
How to Prepare Your HTML File for Flawless Conversion to PDF
October 5, 2021
earn more about HTML to PDF conversion, how to manually prepare HTML files for rendering or how to do everything automatically using a fast HTML to PDF converter API
Basic Requests for Document Conversion Using HTML into PDF API
September 3, 2021
Learn how to generate HTML to PDF documents, retrieve, list, and delete conversions using the basic requests available in the HTML into PDF API provided by Inkit.
Best HTML to PDF Conversion Practices: How to Convert HTML to PDF Without Errors
August 6, 2021
We surveyed professionals on their top challenges, and fail-proof tips on how to convert HTML to PDF without ‘conversion failed’ alerts.
6 Industries That Need ISO 9001 Certification and Why
July 23, 2021
Find a concise explanation of how a company becomes ISO 9001 certified and what organizations can benefit from meeting 9001:2015 ISO requirements most.
FAQ About E-Billing: How to Implement Digital Billing Systems Right
July 22, 2021
Learn what e-billing is, what risks and benefits it entails, why you need PDF rendering to implement electronic bills, and more answers to common e-Billing questions.
Eight Shipping and Logistics Challenges in the Delivery Industry and Ways to Deal with Them
July 8, 2021
Learn how shipping and delivery companies should handle online and offline document management issues, inaccurate shipment details, and other logistics challenges.
5 Ways to Overcome Ad Fatigue in Customer Communications
May 27, 2021
What is ad fatigue ✓ How to run ad fatigue research to know how customers respond to your communications ✓ Five ways to make your messages more noticeable.
Five Steps to Achieve the Perfect Balance Between Paper and Digital for Businesses
May 25, 2021
Discover the advantages of paperless billing and documentation compared to paper-based and learn how to combine paper and digital documents effectively.
P2P Marketing Strategy Ideas & Best Practices for Businesses
April 30, 2021
Learn what P2P marketing is and why you should have a P2P marketing strategy ✔️ Examples of peer-to-peer network marketing hacks with professional tips.
Ways for Online Retail Business to Deal with Stolen and Lost Packages
April 23, 2021
Learn how online retail businesses can make order shipment more reliable and what online customers should do with USPS lost packages and stolen shipments.
HTML into PDF Сonverter: Are Paid Services Better than Open-Source Software?
April 22, 2021
If you have doubts on what HTML into PDF converter is best for your business, this article will help you pick between open-source software and paid services
Paperless Future: 5 Paperless Trends Leading to Document Rendering Growth
April 10, 2021
Learn how the transition to online, cost optimizations trends and other aspects of going paperless will increase demand for PDF rendering in the next few years.
Open Source Address Validation: Does It Exist?
April 2, 2021
A genuinely open address validation doesn't exist. But solutions for address verification can simplify your mailing processes and make them achieve the business goals.
6 Tips to Reach eCommerce Customers with Automated Retail Marketing in 2021
February 3, 2021
eCommerce marketing automation tools are a 2021’s must-have to reach customers and increase retail marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.
5 Ways of Defeating Retail Return Fraud in E-commerce
November 23, 2020
Discover the common types of return abuse activities in e-commerce and how to deal with them using address verification, AVS checks, reviewed return policy, and more.
Black Friday Orders Shipped to the Wrong Address: How to Prevent Shipping Issues
November 4, 2020
Make sure your orders never get shipped to the wrong address on Black Friday using address verification and automation to minimize the risk of misdelivery.
How to Mail to a PO Box: Business and Corporate Use Cases
September 14, 2020
Learn what the right PO box address format is, how PO boxes work, and, most importantly, how your business can benefit from mailing to a PO box.
Why Lockdown Marketing of Luxury Goods Cannot Do Without Offline Promotion Strategies
June 12, 2020
Marketing of luxury goods during the lockdown. Learn what offline promotion strategies luxury brands should use in 2020 and how to make them more effective.
3 Businesses That Should Definitely Do Direct Mail Marketing
April 10, 2020
If you're hyper-focused on digital marketing, direct mail automation probably isn't on your radar. But it should be if you're marketing these businesses.
3 Surprising Companies Growing with Direct Mail
April 7, 2020
Learn reasons growth marketers turn to postcard marketing
3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Automation in E-Commerce
April 7, 2020
E-commerce and direct mail: Learn why the biggest e-commerce brands are thinking outside of the box, and getting phenomenal results, with direct mail.
The Missing Piece in Your Cart Abandonment Strategy
April 7, 2020
Check out this 3-step sample sequence to learn how (and why) to deploy direct mail for shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce. 
4 Essential Offline Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce
April 7, 2020
To compete in today's market, e-commerce marketers need to get creative. Here are 4 strategies to market your e-commerce offline.
3 Direct Mail Marketing Takeaways from Iterable’s Benchmark Report
April 7, 2020
Overview of Iterable report on cross-channel marketing. 3 Iterable direct mail marketing takeaways and main market trends. Cart abandonment benchmarks and stats.
3 Ways Retailers Can Add Direct Mail to Cross-Channel Messaging
April 3, 2020
By following these tips, retailers can incorporate direct mail into all stages of the customer lifecycle from activation to re-engagement.
How Retailers Can Use Online Data to Power Offline Personalization
April 3, 2020
Whether customers are at home or in stores, retailers can use the data they collect online to deploy personalization offline.
What Kinds of Dental Direct Mail Should Be Used and When?
April 2, 2020
Dental direct mail boasts high ROI and response rates. Learn which types of dental postcards to use and when. Discover how to optimize direct mail with Inkit.
QR Code Coupons in Direct Mailers for Grocery Stores
April 1, 2020
Direct mail marketing and QR Code coupons are a recipe for success for grocery stores who want to increase their ROI
5 Tips To Make Affluent Consumers Choose Your Product
April 1, 2020
Luxury brand marketing greatly differs from the mass market. Learn how to attract the attention of luxury customers by combining digital marketing & direct mail.
Inkit for Omni-Channel Customer Retention Marketing Strategies: Bite's Squad Case Study
March 31, 2020
Mail in omni-channel customer retention. Why companies choose Inkit for their mail retention campaigns. Bite Squad’s case study: problems, solutions, and results.
7 Effective B2B Offline Advertising Techniques
March 21, 2020
The main characteristics of B2B business marketing. Examples of offline B2B advertising techniques. Inkit’s direct mail automation for offline B2B marketing.