Marketing for utility companies. How to manage utility services payment in a simple way. We offer different ways of delivering utilities direct mailers to your clients.
Address Verification Process for Utilities: A Step by Step Guide
Benefits, regulatory limitations, and cost-effectiveness of address verification for utility services and a step-by-step implementation process to follow.
Direct Mail Automation for Utility Billing and Financial Communications
Marketing Automation
April 12, 2020
Rules for sending official financial notices and financial services letters. Utility mail standards. Direct mail automation for utilities and finances.
Automated Statement Printing and Mailing Services
Reasons to outsource statement and utility bill printing and mailing services. Types of utility bills. Direct mail automation for bill mail services by Inkit
Utility Bill Printing and Mailing Services Guide
Direct Mail Marketing
March 21, 2020
Want to automate your utility bill printing and mailing services? This is an especially helpful process for utility companies. Learn more here.

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