What is Direct Mail Marketing?

You know those postcards and letters you get in the mail, advertising everything from specials on getting your teeth cleaned to coupons at your local grocery store? That’s direct mail marketing. Or, as most people who receive these offers call them, “junk mail.” But, according to a study put out by the Direct Marketing Association…

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Direct Mail Analytics: How does it work?

Direct mail analytics aren’t exactly new, but they are made possible hugely through the advent of digital marketing tracking and analytics platforms. As our field gets more innovative and technological advancements like the Internet of Things become more accessible, we could eventually be looking at smart envelopes that cost pennies on the dollar more to…

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Direct Mail vs. Email. When to use each, and for what?

When it comes to winning the popularity contest, email has it in the bag. But is direct mail the true secret weapon for just that reason? In the age of information overload, which direct marketing tactic reigns supreme? The answer? It’s not as simple as Direct Mail vs. Email, but how to devise a marketing…

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