Pre-Built Maintenance Free HTML-to-PDF Solution.

Open-source libraries provide some of the most useful tools for developers – but sometimes you don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to learn, build, and deploy the services you need. Inkit’s document generation API is a complete solution you can start with today to make however many PDFs from HTML as you need.

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Why building everything yourself might not be a great idea.

You, [the developer, project lead, or even technical executive] move your organization forward by allocating your or your team’s development time to activities that make your customers happy. You do this by creating new products or implementing features that solve user problems or fulfill user stories.

The more winning solutions you build, and the faster you do it, the more you achieve individually and as an organization – and the better you serve your customers! You could argue development time is the cornerstone for growth.

So instead of spending valuable development time on building everything yourself, why not utilize and leverage the power of a reputable API to do the heavy lifting for you?

You’ll get it done faster, save time, and avoid the monthly upkeep and maintenance you would typically have.


An Enterprise-Grade Document Generation API

The leading alternative to Wkhtmltopdf, Weasyprint, and PhantomJs.

Open-source libraries like Wkhtmltopdf and Weasyprint and PhantomJs are fine for small tasks and side projects. But if you’re working for a substantial organization, you might have different needs.

We built this API for developers who seek a professional and highly robust API that you can count on to perform HTML-to-PDF document generation consistently... without issues, hurdles, and tons of time spent making your way through unclear documentation.

An API that works reliably, even if you were to generate millions of documents per

To build or to buy...

Here are a few reasons why you might choose to buy a solution. Some may or may not apply to your situation.

  • Developers who need to generate PDFs with tens or hundreds of pages per document often complain that open-source libraries take days, sometimes weeks, to complete a task.

  • You have to generate very high volumes of documents or pages and need a solution that you know can scale with very high or unbalanced workloads. You want robustness.

  • You need to generate documents consistently and not as a “one-off” task. You know you need something reliable. A solution without 99% uptime would likely result in a disaster for your organization.

  • You or your organization cares a great deal about document storage compliance and like the idea of a solution that prioritizes security. Read more about our SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, HIPAA, EU/US Privacy Shield, GDPR, and CCPA compliance.

  • You prefer to leverage an already existing solution to serve your customers better than to spend valuable developer time you could allocate elsewhere.

  • You understand the costs of building a scalable service, including upkeep, maintenance, and CI/CD, and see the advantage of utilizing an already-built API.

  • You want to centralize and streamline your document generation processes. And you want to stop having a different “solution” for each use case, product, and department. This API can be your core processing hub, allowing you to reduce all sorts of maintenance costs and get more efficient too.

No longer worry about document leaks. Instead, you could press a button and "remotely destroy" documents from afar.

Know your confidential data and information is always safe.

Ensure only the people who SHOULD view your documents view them… whether they're your staff or your customers.

How does the API work?

Almost any developer can generate PDFs from HTML with Inkit’s document generation API.

Here are the five easy steps it takes.

1. Write an HTTP request in JSON and specify the HTML file, width, height, and measurement unit (inch or cm).

2. Copy and paste your API key into the request’s headers

3. Copy and paste the endpoint into your request

4. Send the request

5. Set up a webhook and automatically retrieve the request.

And your document is generated! It’s that easy. Naturally, you can automate this task completely.

Try it yourself

Without the proper tooling, generating documents is hard

As a developer, you have three choices if you want to generate documents.

For one, you can use an open-source library to build the infrastructure by yourself. It will work, but it will probably take longer than you initially planned. It’s going to be stressful, and it’s going to pull you away from other potentially more critical work.

But it’ll be “cheap.” At least, it will seem cheap. But how much time and opportunity cost will you have lost? Will it be worth it?

You can also do nothing, hope someone in your organization fixes the problem, or create a hacked-together “solution,” which certainly won’t be very durable in the long term.

Or, you might buy a pre-made solution like Inkit’s document generation API. One used by companies and startups from around the world like Procter & Gamble, VitalCard, and CleanChoice Energy.

There are also other pre-built solutions available. We’ve put all solutions into a competitive matrix for you.

‍Of course, we’ll always be biased toward our own solution. But to inform you as best as possible, we’ve benchmarked our API against other available solutions

[Visual of a benchmark showing the rate of documents generated perminute using different solutions]

We’ve also made a feature comparison for you.

Not only an API but an entire DocGen Platform

Document Generation API
API keys
Scales with you
Access controls
Security compliance
Automated paper out and direct mail delivery
On-platform document storage
Leak prevention
Document expiration
Document tracking and monitoring
No code Salesforce integration
Audit trails and logging
Documents that can self-destruct
Document retention policies
Document streaming
Secure document viewer
Professional services for onboarding
Extensive, developer-friendly documentation
24/7 customer support

Trusted by Startups and the World's Largest Companies

Using Inkit’s on-demand document generation and retention policies has proven to be highly successful for us. We’re using the API to generate applications and notices. The platform provides us development and cost savings over implementing a custom solution.

Ed Cody

COO Vital Card


of data breaches are from insiders

“Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security, providing the best possible variable costs, and having a rockstar support team has made this partnership exceptional.”

Aaron Williams

Head of Asana for Nonprofits


Uptime on Inkit's internal product server platform

“Inkit has enabled us to streamline our back office and collections, reducing program spend by up to 94%, while maintaining the flexibility to integrate with our existing apps and tools”

Jordan Hill

Product Manager


of employees admit to taking data from one employer to the next.

“[Inkit] enables our business to remain compliant with regulators at all times.”

Eli Gratz

VP of business Development


Days on average it takes a business to identify a data breach

"Any business that wants and needs to confidently reach their customers should be using Inkit's Verify product to validate shipping addresses. It solves so many unnecessary headaches that all stem from customers providing bad addresses."

Dan Bjornsen

Manager, Strategic Partnerships


of employees admit to taking data from one employer to the next.

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