Welcome Postcard Campaign Boosts New Customer Engagement and Retention by Double Digits for Asana

Asana shares how they incorporated welcome postcards into their existing сustomer retention to enhance key marketing metrics via offline communications.
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San Francisco, CA
Asana is a leading work management platform for teams. Over a million paying users rely on Asana to enable their teams to work together effortlessly.
Email fatigue made it difficult to engage with new users. Asana sought fresh, more effective ways to forge authentic connections with their users.
Asana used Inkit’s API integrations platform to run a welcome postcard experiment for new users. Their goal was to delight new users and ultimately increase user adoption and customer retention.

Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security, providing the best possible variable costs, and having a rockstar support team has made this partnership exceptional.

Aaron Williams
Head of Asana for Nonprofits
Increase in new user visitation
Increase in invitations sent and accepted
Decrease in churn

Why Asana Chose Inkit

Asana is obsessed with gaining the love of their users. Creating a valuable and memorable first experience is imperative to achieve customer love. Outside of the product itself, email is the primary channel for Asana to engage with users.

To provide better customer service and create additional touchpoints, the company decided to test new approaches.

Asana had a hypothesis: they could use direct mail as a supplementary engagement channel to create a delightful customer touchpoint and improve their new user experience. Increased user adoption and customer retention were the metrics that would prove if this hypothesis was correct.

Asana underwent a thorough vendor review process and chose Inkit as their direct mail partner because Inkit would:

  1. Preserve Asana’s uncompromising security and data privacy procedures.
  2. Allow Asana to launch their direct mail experiment as quickly as possible.
  3. Automate and scale Asana’s direct mail program with the API integration if the experiment was a success.
  4. Provide market-leading cost savings on domestic and international mail pieces.
  5. Enable Asana to integrate direct mail with their existing marketing automation systems.

Why Direct Mail Succeeded

The proliferation of digital marketing has made it easier and cheaper for companies to get in front of prospects and users. At the same time, digital marketing has blown up user notifications and made it more challenging for organizations to forge authentic connections with users.

Direct mail offered a divergent customer experience to traditional digital marketing, supplementing the connected online stream of notifications with a physical presence.

Asana’s foray into direct mail was focused on creating a delightful customer experience, not on acquisition or sales motions. A design requirement for their welcome postcard experiment was to remove any content that could be misconstrued as a sales tactic.

A newly converted user was already sold on Asana, they cemented that choice with their wallet. The job of direct mail for Asana was to make new users feel welcomed and part of the Asana family.

On top of the double-digit percentage wins Asana saw with their experiment, they continue to receive numerous social media mentions from customers who are delighted and awestruck that a software company would go above and beyond to make them feel confident they selected the right tool and company for their needs.

Asana’s steadfast pursuit of customer-centricity, and Inkit’s ability to make creating and sending a direct mail touchpoint as simple as an email, made this use case a smashing success.

What’s Next for Asana?

After the success of their first experiment, and smooth implementation of Inkit, Asana is looking forward to launching additional personalized and targeted direct mail use cases.

We’re discussing how direct mail could play a role in complementing our acquisition marketing efforts, create one-of-a-kind follow up touchpoints for our field marketing events, and add extra delight for customers that respond to Net Promoter Score surveys. Since the organization has witnessed the power of Inkit and direct mail as an engagement channel, experiment ideas and opportunities are flowing in from all departments.”

If you value customer experience as much as Asana, Inkit and direct mail can unleash a world of opportunity for your organization.