Generate. Encrypt. Distribute Documents in Total Privacy.

Document Retention

Simplify Document Retention & Archival

Control access to sensitive information with Inkit’s Disappearing Documents – simply pre-set an expiration, or manually delete shared documents at any time

Generate. Encrypt. Distribute Documents in Total Privacy.

Streamline Record Retention

Automate your organization’s document retention policies to keep mission-critical information compliant and enable legal defense & disaster recovery. Set expiration rules based on industry standards or a designated time frame to streamline record archival and document deletion.

Disappearing Documents & Magic Links

Generate documents that self-destruct to control access to confidential information. Enable premium security features with disappearing documents or one-time use magic links to prohibit unauthorized users.

Serverless Architecture

Focus on scaling your DocGen without having to manage infrastructure. Access Inkit from anywhere, on any device, using our cloud-based platform to unlock efficiency at every level.


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