Inkit, the Document Defense Company, reveals the most secure document protection available...

"Document Shield"

Discover how companies protect their digital content, such as:

Confidential Documents


Copyrighted Material

And any other Business Document

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Everybody has information that requires protection from danger.

Whether you are in finance, defense, healthcare, retail, tech, or any other industry.

How do you protect that information effectively?

Well, some of the largest organizations in the world are already using one particular type of technology.

Read on to discover more about this new tech and how you may activate it for your business.

Take a look at this dashboard.

It could show everything about the documents circulating in and outside your organization.

And every document would be protected by Inkit’s “Document Shield.”

This shield would function as a protective barrier between your documents and the outside world.

And although the technology behind it is highly complicated, for now, all you need to know is that when you "shield" a document, it becomes inaccessible to anyone without the proper credentials.

Think of it like a fingerprint scanner. You can only "get in" if you are the right person.

How game-changing is that?

Imagine being able to protect ANY document with this incredible new technology securely without ever having to spend valuable time and money developing it yourself.

You could shield your documents right now.

And it's all done for you. You only have to say "yes," and your information is protected.

It can't get any easier than this.

When you shield your documents using the "document shield," you...

No longer worry about document leaks. Instead, you could press a button and "remotely destroy" documents from afar.

Know your confidential data and information is always safe.

Ensure only the people who SHOULD view your documents view them… whether they're your staff or your customers.

If you think this will be hard to implement and are about to say, "I don't know how to code..."

Then know this:

This new technology is super user-friendly!

Inkit, the company behind this new technology, made the document shield easy to use.

There are only three steps you need to take to activate the protection.

The three simple steps you need to take to achieve 99.9999% document security!


Sign up for Inkit's Document Shield


Install the Document Shield App


And voila, you’re done. All of your documents now have a protective barrier around them. They are fully secured, and only authorized individuals can view them

Naturally, you decide who gets access.

But it gets better...

You can monitor and track any document you shield with Inkit's new technology

When you shield a document using the document shield, it automatically links to your private monitoring dashboard.

You can track all your documents from the dashboard, what IP and location last accessed it, WHO opened it, and more.

It's an enterprise-wide security solution. Think about it: wouldn't it be incredible to roll this out throughout your entire organization and know you're protected from now on?

And better still...

When you utilize this technology, you can tell us to handle the delivery of your documents!

When you choose to shield your documents using Inkit's document shield... and when you use the dashboard to track all documents in and outside your organization...

Then you might be interested in document delivery too.

Using the Inkit environment, you can have us print and send documents.

You can have us generate protected links for you that you can use in your own portals or customer-facing applications.

We can even get you onboarded with a web or desktop client so your end users can view their respective documents.

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And if we're all in agreement, we'll get you onboarded with Inkit's Document Shield.

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