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Developed by: Inkit

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About Sailthru

Sailthru helps modern marketers acquire, grow, and retain customers. With over 1.6Bn global consumer profiles under management, Sailthru's powerful suite of connected capabilities – including high-performance email, onsite personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations powering new customer acquisition – drives higher revenue, improves customer lifetime value and reduces churn.

Sailthru and Inkit

Sailthru lets your marketing move with customers across just about any digital channel. The Inkit integration goes one step further, putting your targeted offers right into their hands. To see how it works and get ideas for your own campaigns, schedule a demo today. Now you can easily boost your Sailthru campaigns by using direct mail to target groups like inactive members, high-value customers and even Facebook or Instagram retargeting audiences.

Use cases

  • Multichannel Marketing

    Multichannel marketing hub spanning email, web, mobile, SMS and—with Inkit—direct mail

  • Lifecycle Optimizer

    Create user flows that can send one-to-one, personalized direct mailers based on user actions or events

  • Target Using Key Indicators

    Highly granular user fields allow for targeting based on factors like pageviews, purchase history and other engagement indicators