Document Streaming

Document viewing and access without the data trace. Inkit’s document streaming technology prevents end-users from downloading documents on their devices. This is document privacy.

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Stream a document

Ensure complete security and confidentiality when users view documents.

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Developer SDKs

A Platform Made for Developers


Install with PIP and use Python SDK to connect with Inkit’s Document Generation API effortlessly.

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Get the Inkit Go package and set yourself up to use Inkit’s document generation API.

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The Official Inkit Java client library is here to help you connect with Inkit’s document generation API.

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Install the Inkit Node.js SDK, copy the code snippet, and start generating documents using the Inkit API.

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HTTP Client

Send manual requests to the Inkit API via Curl, Postman, Insomnia, or any other API request tool.

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Explore Our Platform Solutions

Disappearing Documents

Expire documents whenever you want. Keep information private.

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Scale operations infinitely. Outperform everyone.

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Document Streaming

Stream documents and prevent end-users from downloading.

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Roles & Permissions

Leverage authorization protocols to keep unwanted users out.

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