Disappearing Documents

Generate documents that auto-expire after a chosen period of time, after N amount of views, or by manual intervention. Disappearing documents is an optional feature you can turn on for more privacy.

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“Using Inkit’s on-demand document generation and retention policies have proven to be highly successful for us. We’re using the API to generate credit card rejection and adverse action notices and will deploy companywide shortly.”

- Ed Cody, CEO, Vital Card


Everything Needed for Document Privacy

Document expiration and self-deletion

Understand how Inkit can help you automate document expiration and enhance privacy


Expire after N number of views

Learn how to generate documents that delete after a specified number of views


Expire on a specific date

Discover the power of automatic document expiration on a specific date of your choosing


Expire a document by API request

Use API requests to expire documents manually

Developer sdks

A Platform Made For Developers


Install with pip and use Python SDK to connect with Inkit’s document generation API effortlessly.

Get started with the Python SDK


Get the Inkit Go package and set yourself up to use Inkit’s document generation API.

Get started with the Go SDK


The official Inkit Java client library is here to help you connect with Inkit’s document generation API.

Get started with the Java SDK


Npm install the Inkit Node.js SDK and copy the code snippet and start generating documents using the Inkit API.

Get started with the Node.js SDK

HTTP Client

Send manual requests to the Inkit API via Curl, Postman, Insomnia, or any other API request tool.

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