Disappearing Documents

For the Right Eyes
at the Right Time

Control access to sensitive information with Inkit’s Disappearing Documents – simply pre-set an expiration, or manually delete shared documents at any time.
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Secure Sharing Made Easy

Automate Document Expiration & Deletion
Set your own auto-expiration requirements or create custom presets for your team and organization. Using Inkit, you can set documents to expire based on:
Number of Views
Expire documents after one view or many.
Specific Date or Time
Set any expiration date or time of your choosing.
API Request
Manually expire documents at any time.
Developer SDKs

A Platform Made for Developers

Install with pip and use Python SDK to connect.
Get started with the Python SDK
For self-installation to our DocGen API, use Inkit’s Go SDK to connect.
Get started with the Go SDK
Use the official Inkit Java client library to connect.
Get started with the Java SDK
Npm install the Inkit Node.js SDK and copy the code snippet to connect.
Get started with the Node.js SDK
HTTP Client
Send manual requests via Curl, Postman, Insomnia, or any API request tool.