Roles & Permissions

Put documents into self-contained folders, and grant access only to the users and systems with the correct credentials and API keys. Inkit’s Roles & Permissions make Zero Trust security easy.

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“Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security, providing the best possible variable costs, and having a rockstar support team has made this partnership exceptional.”

- Aaron Williams, Head of Asana for Nonprofits


Everything Needed for Zero Trust Document Security

Folders and their settings

Learn about folders, how they work, and what kind of privacy and safety measures they provide.


Default folder

Understand why you have a default folder when you sign up with Inkit.


Create a folder

Discover how to create folders to place documents into on the Inkit platform.


Edit a folder

Edit folder properties like name, description, and other such metadata.


Delete a folder

Get rid of unwanted folders and keep your Inkit environment clean.


Share or unshare a folder

Manage which user or system can access a folder by learning about folder (un)sharing.


Identify private folder needs

Learn how to best structure your private folders and access.


Create a role

Make user and system roles and allocate specific role-based permissions


Assign a role to a user

Give your users roles and establish access rules easily.


Utilizing roles

Better understand how to effectively use roles in your organization with Inkit’s user and system roles best practices.


Overview of permissions

Read this quick reference guide and learn about all platform permissions and definitions.


Identify permission needs

Figure out which permissions your users and systems need with this handy guide.


Add roles to your API key

Manage system access controls by granting roles & permissions to API keys.


Remove roles from your API key

Revoke access from systems by removing roles and permissions.

Developer sdks

A Platform Made For Developers


Install with pip and use Python SDK to connect with Inkit’s document generation API effortlessly.

Get started with the Python SDK


Get the Inkit Go package and set yourself up to use Inkit’s document generation API.

Get started with the Go SDK


The official Inkit Java client library is here to help you connect with Inkit’s document generation API.

Get started with the Java SDK


Npm install the Inkit Node.js SDK and copy the code snippet and start generating documents using the Inkit API.

Get started with the Node.js SDK

HTTP Client

Send manual requests to the Inkit API via Curl, Postman, Insomnia, or any other API request tool.

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