Inkit Sales Leader, Veteran Frank DeGeorge Discusses Document Generation for Defense and Government Entities


Frank DeGeorge recently joined Inkit as its Director of Federal Sales. He brings significant experience in technology and military organizations to this role. Frank has worked in multiple large technology organizations, including Deloitte and Salesforce. He was also the founder and CEO of tech startup YouStake, Inc. Frank has dedicated nearly two decades of service to his country as an officer in the Army National Guard and has significant experience in financial and operational management of defense organizations. Inkit is excited to welcome Frank and offer his expertise to its public sector clientele. We asked Frank to share some insights on how Secure Document Generation can deliver IT benefits to defense organizations. His answers provide insights worthy of sharing.

What aspects of your professional background will bring the most value to Inkit and its customers?

Having served in both the military and civilian sectors, I've cultivated a unique perspective on the challenges and intricacies of each. My experience in leading-edge technology companies, combined with my understanding of the defense sector's needs, positions me to bridge the gap between Inkit's innovative solutions and the specific requirements of our customers.

In what ways did your military service impact your subsequent career?

My military service instilled in me values of discipline, teamwork, and a mission-first mindset. These principles have been the bedrock of my civilian career, guiding my approach to leadership, problem-solving, and fostering collaboration within diverse teams.

What brought you to Inkit?

After my last startup, I was searching for ways to dive back into the tech world. Inkit presented a unique blend of innovation and the potential to make a significant impact. The lessons I learned at larger corporations, especially around governance and scalability, will be invaluable as I contribute to Inkit's growth trajectory.

Having worked at Salesforce, how valuable do you believe it is to integrate Salesforce data into document generation?

Salesforce data is a goldmine of insights. Integrating this data into document generation not only streamlines processes but also ensures that every document is personalized, relevant, and timely. It's about leveraging data to enhance user experience and drive efficiency.

There are lots of document generation solutions out there. How is Inkit’s Secure Document Generation (SDG) different from the rest?

Inkit's SDG stands out because it emphasizes security without compromising usability. In an era where data breaches are rampant, our solution ensures that sensitive information remains protected, while still providing a seamless experience for users.

How does Secure Document Generation fit into the strategies and missions of the US armed forces?

Secure Document Generation aligns with the armed forces' commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. Whether it's mission plans, personnel data, or intelligence reports, ensuring that documents are generated and shared securely is paramount to operational success and national security.

Which of Inkit’s security features do you believe offer the most potential value for military applications?

Inkit's multi-layered encryption and role-based access controls are particularly valuable. These features ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific documents, providing an added layer of security for sensitive military data.

Does your military background help you have in-depth conversations about the value of technology solutions (like Inkit) with current defense leadership?

Absolutely. My military background provides a shared understanding and language when discussing the unique challenges faced by defense leadership. This shared perspective allows for more meaningful conversations about how technology solutions, like Inkit, can address specific pain points.

Are there private sector digital transformation practices that you see as potentially beneficial to the US military?

Certainly. Agile development, cloud-first strategies, and user-centric design are some private sector practices that could (and do) greatly benefit the military. These approaches prioritize flexibility, scalability, and user experience, which are crucial for modern military operations.

How do the document generation needs of military and civilian federal agencies compare to each other?

While both prioritize security and accuracy, military agencies often require rapid document generation in dynamic environments, given the nature of their missions. Civilian agencies, on the other hand, might prioritize integration with other systems and scalability. Both sectors, however, benefit immensely from solutions that are secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

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