Document Generation with a Built-in Security Platform

Add Render to your existing systems and automatically generate:

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A New Standard in Enterprise-level Paperless Operations

Whether you need to process 10 confidential reports or 1,000,000 customer statements, Inkit Render makes it possible and secure with a simple API request.
Lighting-fast Generation of Standardized Documents

The Render API allows complete customization of document templates, meaning you can adapt the software for any of your existing processes.

Cut the need for manual exports or mastery over multiple systems. Render can centralize document generation organization-wide by automatically processing data
from your software.

Total Control Over Document Security

Data security breaches and regulatory noncompliance almost always start with uncertain storage & manual export processes.

Don’t leave the safety of your documents to chance. Remove human negligence (and malice) from the equation – instead, rely on automatic storage with secure access controls and multiple confidentiality options.

Render’s Document Generation

Render’s Secure Storage

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Render Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Systems

Our easy-to-integrate API means you can introduce Render’s powerful features to your organization’s infrastructure without trouble (plus you don’t have to spend a penny of your budget on building or maintaining the system yourself).

From a Single Process to Millions of Documents, Render Scales with Your Organization’s Needs

Render’s managed infrastructure – powered by Inkit’s own dedicated servers – means that the unique needs of our partners are always met, no matter the demand.

Comply with Your Industry’s Security Standards

With Render’s powerful security features, leading enterprises know that their compliance needs are being met. From ISO standards, to HIPAA, to GDPR and beyond, Inkit Render can be completely customized to meet the regulatory requirements of any organization.

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Just a Few of Render’s Cross-Sector Use Cases

Render’s Document Generation

Customer Bills & E-statement

Need customer data accurately presented at scale? Enterprises in the banking, financial, and insurance world particularly benefit from the ability to automatically generate thousands of bills and statements for different customer accounts.

Standardized Contracts

Onboarding hundreds of employees or thousands of clients requires a smooth operation. The easiest way to optimize this is by producing standardized contracts automatically, on demand. 

Regular KPI Reports

Any reports that need to be run frequently risk wasting hours of employee time in the export, data entry, and creation phases. Cut this down to a single API request that runs automatically according to pre-set schedules or certain conditions. This capability has been a “life-changer” for many back-end enterprise operations. 

Any Type of Invoice

Organizations who create invoices according to the data from one or multiple systems can now entirely automate the process. Finance and accounting departments can easily adapt this element of Render to fit with their existing processes. 

Internal Audit Reports

Audit departments need to be on constant alert for discrepancies across multiple organizational systems – this is particularly true during planned audits. Centralizing customizable audit reports from multiple systems saves time and decreases the chance of missing vital details.

Render’s Secure Storage

Confidential Reports

Any organization with high levels of security awareness will understand the importance of keeping sensitive information private. Render can automatically store such reports on its purpose-built platform as soon as they’re generated, leaving 0 risk of manual intervention or misplacement between creation and storage.

Private Customer Information

Handling and storing customer data must be done with as little risk as possible. Render was built with security standards like GDPR and HIPAA in mind, so any private customer information can be safely stored with restricted access (and even the option for automatic deletion after a certain period of time has passed).

Separate Storage Spaces for Different Teams

Ensure that department-specific documents only ever get saved in the right folders, without the risk of manual misplacement. Give different teams and roles different levels of access so they can only see what they’re meant to.

Document Self-Destruction

Don’t risk the exposure of confidential documents when your organization no longer needs them. Automatically set sensitive data to delete after a certain number of views, or simply set an expiration date for a document to self-delete. 

Complete Log of User Actions

Track and trace any action that a user or system performs in Render. This is perfect for monitoring and deterring suspicious activity, or when conducting regular audit analysis.

Sectors That Already Benefit From Inkit

Our services are purpose-built to deal with the real problems faced by sectors that most need assurance in paperless automation and security.

Government & Defense | Financial & Insurance | Healthcare | Utilities | Transport & Logistics | Admin Support Services | Information & Telecommunication

Automated Document Generation
& Secure Storage

Two Vital Processes in One Purpose-Built Software
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