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Solve customer reach problems with address verification and paperless billing technology

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Financial companies using Inkit's Reach Enablement Platform

Sending payment cards and communications to incorrect customer addresses is expensive. Generating paper and paperless billing statements requires multiple different systems and manual processes for employees.
Inkit Verify validates shipping addresses before you send. Inkit Render generates PDFs and other paperless file formats from HTML. Inkit Send automates essential customer communications.

Any business that wants and needs to confidently reach their customers should be using Inkit's Verify product to validate shipping addresses. It solves so many unnecessary headaches that all stem from customers providing bad addresses.

Dan Bjornsen
Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Sailthru

Key Benefits

Send to customers with confidence
Inkit Verify validates addresses on your behalf so you never worry about sending payment cards to the wrong address again.
Automate billing, collections, and adverse action notices
Inkit Send streamlines the delivery of essential communications to customers at scale so you can put more time into work that impacts business growth.
Keep a secure record of paperless documents
Store a paperless copy of all bills, payments, account notices, and related financial documentation. This audit trail is a must, be it for compliance, risk, or standard record-keeping purposes.
Get customer support right when you need it
Work with dedicated engineers and customer experience managers to ensure you're getting the most out of Inkit's Reach Enablement Platform.
Reduce regulatory risk
View all critical customer communications between your financial organization and customers with a single API. Use this reporting data to prove your regulatory compliance — reducing risk and shortening what were months-long audits into minutes.
How it works
Connect vendors to digital apps
With Inkit’s API, it takes just a few lines of code to connect to your apps or digital services. Then you can then connect those with your printer or third-party vendor, to complete the connection.
All the compliance you need
Whether you need to meet specific industry regulations such as FINRA and GxP, data residency requirements, or international privacy standards like GDPR, Inkit has all of your compliance bases covered.
Seamless integrations for better security
The Inkit partner ecosystem provides seamless integrations with best-in-class security and information governance partners. Our partnerships enhance content security and compliance across your entire tech stack.

Spend less time and money trying to reach customers

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