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Healthcare companies using Inkit's Reach Enablement Platform

You need to be able to reach the right billing addresses when you send time-sensitive communications and account updates to members. You also need a scalable way to securely store digital records of all paperless communications you create for members.
Inkit’s Reach Enablement Platform brings ultimate security and accuracy to customer communications. After a quick configuration, Inkit can automatically render paperless statements, validate customer billing addresses, and deliver secure communications.

“Inkit’s unique service allows health plans to efficiently send personalized, event-driven, compliant communications to their members – improving retention and satisfaction.”

Randy Herman
CEO and Chief Data Officer, Deft Research

Key Benefits

Keep records while staying compliant
Use Inkit Render to automatically generate paperless records using member data. Securely store digital documents for record-keeping and give members continuous access to paperless communications from their online accounts.
Know with certainty that communications will reach real addresses
Use Inkit Verify to validate billing addresses before sending sensitive communications like an insurance card, explanation of benefits, billing statement, or claim denial.
Send essential member communications automatically
Securely pass member and applicant data to trusted vendors and spend less time managing the logistics of delivering personalized communications to customers.
Benefit from HIPAA compliant technology
Inkit's Reach Enablement Platform is HIPAA compliant and utilizes best-in-class technology that allows you to keep sensitive member information private and secure.
Trust that information will reach members at the right time.
Automatically deliver personalized digital and offline experiences based on real-time actions and events to always reach the right person at the right moment.
How it works
Connect vendors to digital apps
With Inkit’s API, it takes just a few lines of code to connect to your apps or digital services. Then you can then connect those with your printer or third-party vendor, to complete the connection.
All the compliance you need
Whether you need to meet specific industry regulations such as FINRA and GxP, data residency requirements, or international privacy standards like GDPR, Inkit has all of your compliance bases covered.
Seamless integrations for better security
The Inkit partner ecosystem provides seamless integrations with best-in-class security and information governance partners. Our partnerships enhance content security and compliance across your entire tech stack.

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