Insider Threat Protection

Inkit, the all-seeing security for your entire organization. Protect the integrity of your organization, stop insiders from accidentally or deliberately leaking critical documents. Gain unprecedented visibility and fundamentally change how you approach document security.

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“Inkit has enabled us to streamline our back office and collections, reducing program spend by up to 94%, while maintaining the flexibility to integrate with our existing apps and tools”

- Jordan Hill, Product Manager, Bird

Reduce Your Document Footprint

Email inboxes, USB sticks, external hard drives, and computers are all vulnerability vectors. For every document that is duplicated and put locally on a different device, you multiply risk. Inkit solves that problem by unifying where you generate and store your documents.

For Authorized Eyes Only

Bills, e-statements, personally identifiable information (PII), confidential reports, invoices, customer communications, and other critical documents are of key importance. Inkit provides full access controls like user roles and API keys with delete, read, write, and update permissions.

Trace the Paper Trail Back to its Origin

Use event-tracking and audit logs to analyze suspicious behavior in real time, identify threats, and catch malicious users red-handed. Replay already-occurred events and gain greater insights into the vulnerabilities of your organization. Oversee and protect all user behavior.

Folders to Perfectly Segment Access

Utilize folders to segment access across teams. Auto-place generated documents in designated folders of your choosing. Easily set up access policies for said folders and adopt Zero Trust security practices by giving access only when necessary. Insulate and hide folders, documents, and information, from staff members, customers, and 3rd party collaborators that lack the privilege.

Insider Threat Security Out of the Box

Have a turn-key solution that provides insider threat security. All without having to maintain your own code and without building your own roles, permissions and logging system.

Everything is already done for you, and you can have it at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house.

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