Leak Prevention

Reimagined leak prevention for enterprise organizations. Zero trust document security to prevent damaging leaks from happening to your organization. Take advantage of Inkit’s document insulation service and make document sharing fast, safe, and secure.

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“[Inkit] enables our business to remain compliant with regulators at all times.”

-Eli Gratz, VP of Business Development, Kin.com

Security Without Limiting Productivity

People have more communication options than ever before, from desktop to mobile to tablet and from email inboxes to Slack. Use Inkit and share generated documents in a protected environment. Bring all your devices, teams, and IT technology onto one secure platform – without sacrificing productivity.

Document Streaming On Demand

You can’t leak a document if it’s “view only.” When you distribute documents via streaming, you prevent end-users from downloading, copying, and saving files altogether. Leave no data trace behind.

Stop Screenshotting, Forwarding, or Sharing Documents

People tend to overshare, not just in conversations. Protect your organization against malicious and “harmless” file sharing. Inkit’s purposefully built-in, in-browser viewing environment stops anyone from freely screenshotting, forwarding, or sharing documents.

Simple, Safe, and Easy Document Protection

Enjoy the freedom of not having to maintain your own code and not having to build your own document viewing and distribution environment. Use Inkit and effortlessly protect yourself against leaks.

Everything is already done for you, and you can have it at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house.

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