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How to Generate PDF from HTML Using Java And Retrieve It

Use our tutorial to create HTML files from PDF and retrieve them with the help of Java code

Inkit Render is an API for generating PDF from HTML. You can connect it to existing software written in Java and other languages to automate email to PDF document rendering. After quick integration, you will set up user roles, manage access, and automatically convert HTML to PDF using Java. No Stack Overflow queries or open-source Java library configurations are needed. Render also allows you to enable PDF document download. As a result, end-users can both convert an email to PDF and retrieve it.

HTML to PDF Java rendering functionality is required in many web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. Java is a widely used server-side programming language for the back-end development of big data analytics and reporting systems.

If you need HTML to PDF Java rendering, use this tutorial. It explains how to integrate Render and run it to generate PDF from HTML using Java.

Integrate Inkit’s Email to PDF Converter with Java Software

Those who haven’t connected Render API with their software need to complete the integration. Just a few steps and you will be able to automatically convert email to PDF.

Go to this page to create an account. You can use a Google, GitHub, and Microsoft account for registration or provide an email address.

Once you are done with registration, copy your API key. Make sure to store it securely since you will need the key to configure email to PDF conversion. At this point, you can also set up user roles to manage who can access email to PDF rendering functionality and create teams.

Open the Render dashboard and select Java as your programming language. It will convert boilerplate code snippets to Java for generating PDF and document retrieval.

How to Generate PDF from HTML Using Java?

To render PDF from an email message or an HTML web page, you need to run the Create request. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Render and go to the Create tab for high-quality HTML to PDF Java rendering.
  2. Choose Java as a programming language to automatically generate an HTML to PDF Java code snippet. It should look like this:

  1. Customize body parameters for creating a PDF of irregular size.

  1. Enter other fields (merge_parameters, expire_after_n_views, expire_at, and template_id) to manage HTML to PDF Java conversion.
  2. After filling out the parameters, copy the generated Java code snippet, paste it into the environment, and run. The API will automatically create a custom PDF file.

How to Run HTML to PDF Java Retrieval to Download the PDF?

Render enables end-users of the integrated software to retrieve the result of email to PDF conversion. It allows saving an email in PDF. To set up PDF retrieval:

  1. Go to the Retrieve PDF tab in Render.
  2. Choose Java as your programming language to automatically convert the code snippet for PDF retrieval to Java. It should look like this:

  1. Enter the API key and other metadata.
  2. Copy the email to PDF retrieval snippet, paste it into the environment, and run the code. Render API will automatically download the created PDF.

Retrieve Metadata About HTML to PDF Java Conversion

In addition to rendering and retrieval of PDF file formats, Render also provides metadata. With the Retrieve request, you can obtain metadata information about the generated files and the rendering instance. It includes document title, description, keywords, rendering software, and other details. They can be used to track document creation and manage the generated files.

To retrieve metadata, you will need to follow these steps:

Go to the Retrieve tab >

Choose Java as a programming language >

Configure the parameters of the Retrieve request >

Copy the Java snippet into the environment and run the request.

About Inkit Render

Render is an HTML to PDF converter API you can use to power Java software with automated document conversion. It also supports integration with Node, Ruby, PHP, C#, C++, JS Node, Go, Python, and many other languages. You can convert emails to PDF or render any HTML files. Render also allows retrieving the generated PDF files and metadata about them.

Unlike other HTML to PDF Java conversion APIs, Render supports user roles and highly personalized document rendering. You choose a primary owner, admin, editor, viewer, or assign a custom role combining permissions. You can also convert high-resolution images at scale without losing quality.

Check our Render pricing plans and FAQs here. Try the Free plan to test how to generate PDF from HTML using Java.

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