Financial Services

Accelerate the speed at which you generate and deliver paperless documents. Make e-statements, invoices, transactions, customer acceptance & rejection letters, receipts, and bank transactions. Document everything in the blink of an eye.

This is Inkit’s document generation API – built for the financial sector.

“Using Inkit’s on-demand document generation and retention policies have proven to be highly successful for us. We’re using the API to generate credit card rejection and adverse action notices and will deploy companywide shortly.”

- Ed Cody, COO, Vital Card

Unparalleled Customer & Internal Communications

Without effective communication, organizations die. Use Inkit to generate and communicate documents for personnel and customers. All it takes is a flick of a switch.

With the Inkit document generation API, you can generate:

Credit card statements

Credit reports

Insurance policies

Bills and e-statements

Standard reports


System Audits

Customer messages

FINRA-Compliant Documents

And every other standardized document

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Fully Protect, Retain, and Expire Documents

Document security, archival, and retention policies are of utmost importance in regulatory environments.

Inkit provides a single solution that handles documents from inception to expiration.

In short, it’s total document security and complete regulatory compliance, built to perfectly replace legacy systems and to outrank any opensource- &alternative solution available.

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