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Convert Raw Data Into Secure PDFs

Automatically Generate and Secure:

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Financial Organizations gain two key advantages with Render:

Keep sensitive PDFs compliant with industry-leading security features – ensuring automatic adherence to crucial security standards

Eliminate hours spent on manual exports, lengthy write-ups, and repetitive data entry – allowing employees to spend more time on revenue-generating tasks

Upgrade Your Operations with Render
Reduce Manual Work. Eliminate Human Error.

Organizations report that almost 95% of operational time can be saved with document generation. For enterprises with large volumes of data like private customer information, credit history reports, internal KPIs, and invoice requests, the shift to paperless has been plagued with slow processes and non-compliance.

But Render solves this struggle by completing the work of an entire team automatically, 24 hours a day, without the risk of human error or malicious intent.

Save Time
Comply with FINRA, SEC, GLBA, and GDPR Regulations

Unlike most document generation software, Render has a built-in storage platform that helps you automatically comply with financial security regulations.

Take advantage of AES 256 Encryption, customizable access rights, one-time-viewing, auto-deletion, audit logs, and other sophisticated security features to protect your organization’s private documents and avoid single data breach fines of up to $100,000.

Ensure Compliance
Introduce Automation to Your Existing Workflows

Render’s API integrates seamlessly with processes, systems, and third party software that are already in place. With Render, it’s easy to introduce document generation and secure storage to streamline these operations.

You can both generate documents according to data from existing systems, and send generated documents back to your workflows for further processing.

Start Automating

[Inkit] enables our business to remain compliant with regulators at all times.”

- Eli Gratz, VP of Business Development,
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“...electronic records must be preserved exclusively in a non-rewritable and non-erasable format.”

- SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)

Safeguard Against Data Leaks Caused by “Floating Documents”

Avoid fines of up to $100,000 as an organization and up to $10,000 as an individual (*per violation as set out under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) by ensuring total document security. Sensitive documents that aren’t automatically stored often "float" around databases and inboxes, risking exposure from human negligence or malicious intent.

FINRA, the SEC, and the FTC regularly uncover noncompliance in organizations who have insufficient processes in place. Even America’s biggest financial institutions have paid out billions of dollars due to data breach suits in recent years.

“Morgan Stanley to pay $60M Penalty Over Data Breach Suit”

January 2022

“Massive Equifax data breach hits 143 million… up to $700m to settle…”

BBC News,
July 2019

“Capital One to pay $80 million fine after data breach”

August 2020

Can Financial Organizations Afford Not to Automate?

Teams that adopt automatic document generation immediately find themselves with a reduced workload, freeing up time to focus on activities that actually drive revenue. 

Simply automating a process like the creation of invoices using real-time data can save hours of work every week. Other tasks like the production of standardized plans for customers have been reportedly reduced from a time of 1 hour to just 30 seconds per document.

Automate & Secure with Render

“Inkit has enabled us to streamline our back office and collections, reducing program spend by up to 94%, while maintaining the flexibility to integrate with our existing apps and tools”

- Jordan Hill, Product Manager, Bird

Render's Built-In Security

AES 256 End-to-End Encryption

All the PII you hold will be automatically encrypted by Render

Role Based Access Controls

Set custom access controls so only authorized roles can access specific folders and documents

Expiry & Self-Deletion

Documents can be set to “self-destruct” automatically after a number of views, days, or on a fixed date

2FA Support

Secure your organization’s access by introducing 2FA to Render logins

Full Audit Log

Track every event and action made by your users and systems in Render (like who viewed a certain document and when)

Webhook Notifications

Secure your workflow outside of Render by configuring triggers and events between your systems and Render’s API

Live Document Alerts

Staff responsible for your data security can be notified immediately when your most important documents are rendered and viewed

SSO Support

Link Render to your existing login security with SSO support

Direct & Automatic Storage

Eliminate the need for manual exports of sensitive documents and reduce the risk of “floating documents”


Some information should only be viewed once and then automatically restricted – Render’s one-time-viewing provides the solution

Secure API Integration

Render’s API safely and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and processes

Non-Rewritable & Non-Editable

Comply with SEC, GLBA, FINRA, and GDPR requirements – Render stores documents immediately in a non-rewritable & non-editable format

Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security… has made this partnership exceptional.”

- Aaron Williams, Program Manager, Asana
Discover Render for Your Organization

You Can Automate and Secure…

Customer Credit Reports

Configure Render to automatically generate credit reports that pull accurate data securely from your systems. They can be instantly stored in a dedicated folder with view-only access for authorized teams.

Bills and E-Statements

Automatically generate thousands of bills and statements for different customer accounts the moment they’re requested.

Confidential Reports

High levels of security awareness are key in the world of finance. Render can automatically store confidential reports in its purpose-built platform as soon as they’re generated, leaving 0 risk of manual intervention or misplacement between creation and storage.

System Audit Reports

Centralize customizable audit reports from multiple systems to save time and increase the accuracy of data for audit teams.

Customer Communications

Generate standardized communications and marketing material for delivery to your entire customer base.

And Any of Your Organization’s Standardized Documents…

Any standardized document that needs to be populated with unique data can be templatized by your organization and then generated automatically, on demand… Cut down the need for error-prone manual processes and achieve document security with Render…

Insurance Documents & Contracts

Onboarding thousands of customers through new plans requires a smooth operation. The easiest way to optimize this is by producing standardized documents with automatically populated data on demand.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Keep documents that contain private customer information safe from exposure with Render’s generation API and sophisticated security features. Utilize Render’s ‘auto-deletion’ so you never keep data for any longer than permitted.


Create invoices according to the data from one or multiple systems automatically. Finance and accounting departments can easily adapt this element of Render to fit with their existing processes.

FINRA-Compliant Documentation

Ensure compliance with standards and regulations set out by the likes of FINRA, the FTC, and the SEC. Customize how Render works with your operations to reach stable levels of security.

Financial Action Plans

Simplify the creation process of complex planning documents by combining templates with the automatic collection of customer-specific data from existing systems. 

Automated Document Generation
& Secure Storage

Render Simplifies Paperless Processes for Financial Organizations
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