Federal Government

Let confidential documents remain strictly confidential. Finally, you can generate documents that stay secure across local-, state-, and federal-level branches.

Whether they’re tax returns, e-statements, or reports, create them with Inkit Gov’s document generation API.

“Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security, providing the best possible variable costs, and having a rockstar support team has made this partnership exceptional.”

- Aaron Williams, Head of Asana for Nonprofits

Hundreds of Thousands of Documents Generated: Ready for Your Agency

The government runs on documents. And those documents nearly always contain personally identifiable information. Information that must stay private at all costs.

Inkit has sole-sourcing authority to provide its technology to the federal government.

With the Document Generation API, you can automatically create:

Confidential reports

Plans & contracts

Tax information


Benefit letters


Audit reports and notices

And other such standardized documents

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Authorization & Access Controls

Federal agencies employ staff and third-party contractors. Each specialized and functional role deserves specific access privileges. One person has the right to view a document, another does not.

Inkit helps governmental organizations prevent insider threats by keeping documents in the right hands only.

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