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GIF to PDF: Convert and Add GIF files to PDF

November 24, 2021

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are pictures in motion, they are also short animated videos without sound. And if you have been on social media, you would have come across them. They are used to express emotions, humor, and ideas that static images can’t express.

GIFs are your best option if you want to make your presentation or PDF look more interesting to watch and capture attention.

How to get GIFs


If you have a video online (Instagram/Youtube) that you want to create a GIF from, is where to go. You only have to copy the video's URL and paste it on the website; you will be able to edit, crop, and add captions to the gif created.

  1. Social Media

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., have GIFs in their media. Oftentimes, they are not downloadable. If you need one, you might have to ask someone to send it to you. You can get the one that expresses what you want by searching with keywords. For example, you may search for “happy”, “angry”, “pretty”, “sleep”.

  1. Canva

It is very easy to create a GIF on the Canva app. However, to use this feature, you have to be a Canva pro user. Click on ‘Create Design,’ then select ‘Download,’ the menu will bring different options, click on ‘Animated GIF/Movie.’ It will bring different options and styles; click on whichever one suits what you want. Download it, and you are set.

  1. Google

To search for a GIF, enter a keyword on google.

  • To find GIFS, you must click on the tab “imagines,” underneath the search bar.
  • After that, click on ‘tools.’ Another tab should pop up just below; click on ‘select type,’ then ‘GIF.’ Right click on the GIF to download it.

The Advantages of adding GIFs to your presentations

GIFs files are small in size, so you do not have to worry about having a heavy file because you added GIFs to your presentation.

Moreover, here are a few reasons why you should have GIFs in your business proposals, PowerPoint presentation, slides, and social media;

  1. Retain your audience’s attention. The average human attention span is 20 minutes (for adults) and shorter for children and teenagers. If you do not want your audience to not get bored with your presentation, then consider using GIFs. They capture attention and redirect a wandering mind back to your slide.
  1. Communicates and stresses your point. Images give a deeper impression than just words. When you want to make an important point that you do not want your audience to forget easily, use a fitting GIF. You may just imprint your point in their memory.
  1. To show your brand’s personality. You do not want to present your brand as a rigid one that has no human touch. People feel more connected to brands that know that a human is behind the brand.
  1. As a comic relief. If you don’t want your audience dozing off during the presentation, GIFs are a welcome distraction. It relaxes the audience and sometimes causes a laugh. This will make them more interested in what you have to say.

How to convert GIF to pdf online

You can convert your GIF to PDF online on different websites (,,

We will be looking at the steps on how to convert on is a free online converter.

1. Go to the website

2. On the homepage, you will see different tabs showing the different media files you can convert to another. Since you are converting a GIF, click on the document converter.

convert GIF

3. That takes you to a page where you will select what format you want to convert to, then you can upload the GIF file you want to convert to PDF.

After you have uploaded your file, click on start conversion.

uploaded your file

When you're done converting, the file will be downloaded automatically, and you have your GIF converted to PDF.

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How to convert GIF to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Software

If you do not want to convert the file online, you can convert it with Adobe Acrobat software with these steps;

1.  Download the Adobe Acrobat DC app.

2. Click on the software, and go to the tools menu and click on the ‘create PDF’ option

Adobe Acrobat Software

3. Then click on select a file,

4. Choose the GIF you want to convert to PDF

5. Click on create

6.  Follow the next steps and download the converted file to the location you want.

When you get your file, you can add it as an attached file and send it to your business partner, co-workers, or friends. They will be able to view it.

How to Convert GIF to PDF using Mac or Windows

When converting GIFs to PDF, you will want to ensure the images don’t not lose quality. To achieve this, one choice is to download the converter software PDFelement. The application allows you to convert different image formats to PDF and edit the created PDF.

These are the steps taken to convert GIF to PDF using PDFelement

  • Open the app; If you have the app, open the app. If not, you can download it from the Microsoft store or the apple store.
  • Select ‘from file’ and open a new window to select the GIF image you want to convert. If you want to convert more than one GIF, click ‘combine’ and select the GIFs you want to convert.
  • Click on ‘file,’ then ‘save as,’ the file will be saved, and you will get your GIF(s) in PDF form.

How to add GIF to PDF

Suppose you want to add GIFs to your PDF for your presentation or e-books, you might find it hard to add GIFs to your PDF because many apps do not support it. You can make use of Adobe’s tools, and it will still maintain its original resolution no matter how and where you view it.

These are the steps to add the GIF to your PDF on Adobe Acrobat;

1. Open the PDF with the Adobe Acrobat app

2. Open the tools menu and click on edit pdf

adobe acrobat editing tool

3. Click on ‘place image’ in the options, and a new page will appear.

4. Click on the file types and select ‘CompuServe GIF.’ Select the GIF you want to insert and put it where you want it to be. And it is ready to use.

You can also make use of DeftPDF, which is a free online software that you can use to make changes to PDF. The steps involved are simple and easy to use

  • Click on the PDF you want to use and upload it to the editor tool
  • You will notice an image icon at the upper left side, click on it and upload the GIF you want to use
  • Position it where you want it to be.
  • Click on ‘apply changes’ and save the file.

How to add GIF to pdf using Mac

If you want to be sure that your GIF will remain animated and not become a still image once it is in the PDF, you will have to turn the gif to a MOV File using a software called QuickTime.

Apple Inc made QuickTime, and it opens sounds, videos, and image files. It has a tool that allows it to convert GIFs to MOV files. If it is in MOV form, it will remain animated when inserted into the PDF. QuickTime is easy to use, and you do not need any extra skills to operate it. Mac users can only use it.

These are the steps involved to turn the GIF into a MOV file and insert it in your PDF;

  • Open the GIF using QuickTime
  • Click on save and select ‘MOV’ when it asks for file type
  • Go to your Adobe InDesign and click on ‘Object’
  • Insert the MOV file
  • Select ‘interactive,’ then ‘click options’
  • When you have uploaded the file, save it.

A bonus, how to convert PDF to GIF

If you can convert GIF to PDF, you should be able to reverse the process. It is easier than the process to convert GIFs to PDF. It can be converted

  • With a Mac laptop. The Mac laptop has the feature that can convert a PDF to a GIF. Open the PDF with the ‘preview app.’ Click on the file option, then select the ‘export’ option. Select the format (GIF) and click on save.
  • Use an online converter. Just as you can use an online converter to turn a GIF into PDF, it applies vice versa. You can make use of the online converter mentioned above. (,, And follow the same processes to get your GIF.
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