The No-Code Plugin That Makes Document Generation For Salesforce Easy

Introducing: Inkit's Document Generation Plugin for Salesforce

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In a perfect world, you would generate documents with the click of a button. And it would happen without ever having to leave your Salesforce environment.

With this new plugin you can automate the generation of your documents, no matter how big they are, and do it all comfortably from within your Salesforce org.

Automated Flows
Compatible with any
Salesforce Object
Customizable Templates

Generate documents by using the Inkit document generation plugin and make flows in the Salesforce process builder like you’re already used to.

Turn any Salesforce Object, like leads, contacts, opportunities, and even custom objects into PDF or DocX documents. Mix and match objects as you see fit.

Drag and drop elements to create custom document templates. Merge object data into your template for easy automation and standardization.

Here's How It Works:

Become truly paperless and massively upgrade internal and external communications

1. Full Salesforce Integration

The Inkit Document Generation plugin integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce environment. All you have to do is click a button, and before you know it, the Inkit developer package is installed for you.

2. Secure & API-Key Driven

Simply login on the Inkit platform, grab your API key, and copy paste it into your Salesforce account. You are now ready to generate documents. You can use one of our pre-made templates or you can make a custom template.

3. Make a Custom Template

Create a template using the template builder. Specify which fields you want populated by the Salesforce object. Style and design templates freely and when you’re done, press Generate.

4. Generate

Make as many documents as you like. Bypass any constraints and limits you would normally encounter in the Salesforce Dev environment. Do it completely without a single line of code.

Whether you want manual or automatic document generation, you can do it all with Inkit.

Best Document Generation Management & Automation Plugin

This Simple Plugin Could Let You Generate Millions of Documents Per Month

At hundreds of documents generated per minute, you could make 10,000,000+ documents per month with this plugin. While most people never need that many, you can be sure we meet any enterprise-level need you have.

What's Included

Extremely fast document generation for heavy payloads and high volumes.

Customizable templates.

Metered-cost: pay by usage.

Custom access roles and permissions.

No-code, no developers needed. Save costs.

Reliable because of our 99.99% uptime.

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