Secure Document Generation for Salesforce



Create documents directly from Salesforce Objects or flows without code.

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Automate Document Creation on the Salesforce Platform

Automate with flows to create forms, reports, and other documents. Lightning Ready components. Maintain privacy because of built-in document encryption. Optionally make documents disappear after a time or number of views. Simplify document retention.

Setup automation that handles data to create the documents your org needs

Easily compose, assemble, and auto-generate simple and complex documents without the backbreaking hard work.

Compatible with standard and custom Salesforce Objects

Turn data from Salesforce Objects into documents, like leads, contacts, opportunities, and custom objects.

Supports Word, HTML, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint templates

Drag and drop elements to create custom document templates. Merge object data into your template for easy automation and standardization

Document Generation for many Salesforce Clouds

Document Generation for
Experience Cloud

Give your support team new tools to improve the work they do, push costs down and generate forms, tickets, and other personalized content. Optimize critical customer-facing and back-office flows.

Document Generation for
Financial Services Cloud

Speed up the delivery of your financial services to customers by automating the manual steps in important business processes like loan requests, insurance claims, and other tasks that require data and document processing.

Document Generation for
Government Cloud

Securely generate encrypted documents that let decision-makers act faster. Inkit’s Federally Accredited document generation solution ensures the privacy of PII data and has complete regulatory compliance. All on a compliant government cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Inkit connect with my Salesforce Org?

The solution is pre-configured to work with your Salesforce environment. You can immediately begin after you have installed the Inkit Document Generation Solution for Salesforce by pressing “Get It Now” on the AppExchange listing.

View Inkit on the Salesforce AppExchange

How can I design a document template?

Several methods exist to create document templates with the Inkit Document Generation Solution for Salesforce.

You can make an auto-fillable PDF form with the drag-and-drop form editor.

You can use Microsoft Word to make and style a template. Add variables with intuitive syntax. Minimal to no training is needed. Click here to see a sample Inkit Template made in Word.

You can use HTML for more complex needs. For example, maybe you need a bar code or QR code or have other advanced document requirements. In this case, use HTML templates.

Can I automate making documents with the Inkit Document Generation Solution for Salesforce?


The Inkit Document Generation Solution for Salesforce supports automation with the Salesforce Flow Builder for your administrators and programmatic automation via Salesforce APEX for your developers.

Does the Inkit Solution have Salesforce Lightning components support?


You could add a “Generate Document” button on a Salesforce object and in the User Interface.

Imagine you did this for the Salesforce Opportunity object and linked the “Generate Document” button to a proposal template you created.

Suppose a user clicks on this button when viewing a specific opportunity. In that case, you will have a personalized proposal generated from the data of that particular opportunity.

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Using Inkit’s on-demand document generation and retention policies has proven to be highly successful for us. We’re using the API to generate application and adverse action notices. The platform provides us development and cost savings over implementing a custom solution with the ability to add print mailing as a future option.”

Ed Cody

COO Vital Card

“Inkit’s steadfast prioritization on data security, providing the best possible variable costs, and having a rockstar support team has made this partnership exceptional.”

Aaron Williams

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“Inkit has enabled us to streamline our back office and collections, reducing program spend by up to 94%, while maintaining the flexibility to integrate with our existing apps and tools”

Jordan Hill

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“[Inkit] enables our business to remain compliant with regulators at all times.”

Eli Gratz

VP of Business developement

"Any business that wants and needs to confidently reach their customers should be using Inkit's Verify product to validate shipping addresses. It solves so many unnecessary headaches that all stem from customers providing bad addresses."

Dan Bjornsen

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

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