Generate. Encrypt. Distribute Documents in Total Privacy.


Safeguard Your Private Information

Protect confidential information with Inkit’s end-to-end encryption and zero-access security.
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Generate. Encrypt. Distribute Documents in Total Privacy.

Stay One Step Ahead to Prevent Leaks

Stop leaks before they happen. Document Streaming provides live audit trail notifications, revokes or blocks access, and prevents your private information from being copied, downloaded, or shared with unauthorized users with true “view-only” documents. Inkit is the only Secure Document Generation (SDG) solution that meets the highest standards for storing and processing sensitive information, mission-critical data, and national security systems.

For the Right Eyes at the Right Time

Inkit helps minimize breaches and reduces insider threats. Take zero chances with Disappearing Documents that self-destruct. Pre-set an expiration or manually delete shared documents anytime. Set rules to automate the expiration and deletion, or create custom presets for your team and organization to prevent files from ending up in the wrong hands.

Simplify Access with Roles & Permissions

Set permissions based on your organization’s needs to ensure users only access authorized documents. With our Roles & Permissions features, you have the ultimate security and control to create & assign roles and make sharing easy with custom folders or groups.

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