The more complex the task, the less likely you are to find a universal tool. Quality software is not about doing everything; it’s about integrations. A single tool won’t cover all your needs if you pursue extensive business automation.

At Inkit, we also believe in the power of integrations. Our team continuously cooperates with third-party vendors to expand the network of supported tools. So far, Inkit supports over 100 integrations for building a cross-channel strategy, advertising, analytics, customer service, and other uses.

In our article, we've reviewed five different integrations. Learn how these tools connected with Inkit can boost your business.

Benefits of Inkit Integrations for Businesses

Inkit is a reach enablement platform engineered for any scale business that automates data verification, document rendering, and delivery.

When you connect Inkit with other tools, you can automate multiple processes and improve your business metrics. According to Statista, automation ensures:

  • a better quality of operations for 41% of businesses,
  • 36% benefit from enhanced workforce agility and scalability,
  • 35% get more handy data for customer insights,
  • 27% can shift focus to customers thanks to reduced management time.

Besides, Inkit can do things that many other platforms don’t offer. Here’re just some of them:

  • Inkit takes minimum time to integrate. You can connect Inkit with your software through the API key/template ID or webhook. In both cases, you won’t need much time to integrate it, and you can start working the same day.
  • You don’t need considerable coding experience to connect it. Inkit’s team shares detailed integration instructions and has simplified the integration process.
  • Integrations are very versatile and practical in different domains. Inkit connects to over 20 types of third-party solutions, including marketing, analytics, customer support, customer success, BI, and other tools.
  • Inkit’s team can recommend you the best strategic partnerships based on your needs. You can fill out a form on our website to get recommendations on what integration partner is best for your business. Inkit will evaluate your needs to tailor the suggestion for you.
  • Pricing is customizable and depends on data usage. Inkit provides personalized pricing for all customers. It allows you to get a fair offer and avoid overspending.

The most significant advantage is that Inkit has a professional support team that will guide you through the integration process. You can get help with tool selection, technical chores, or software usage options. Just let us know what you need.

Top 5 Integrations: Braze Direct Mail, Segment Inkit Integration, Iterable, TowerData, and Zendesk

These tools are among the favorites of our customers. They can help you implement a cross-channel marketing strategy, enrich data, segment the target audience, and provide customer support. Discover more about them below.

#1. Inkit Send / Inkit Verify + Braze direct mail

Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers time-sensitive and personalized communications. You can use it to send trigger-based mobile notifications, emails, SMS, and in-app messages or show content cards. Braze is a good find for marketers who want to adopt a cross-channel strategy and automate digital marketing channels.

When Braze is connected with Inkit, online and offline channels become combined for multi-channel marketing. As a result, customers receive both digital messages and trigger-based direct mail. The software automatically delivers customized postcards, leaflets, and other Inkit + Braze direct mail based on online events or actions.

braze direct mail

For example, when a customer abandons a cart, Braze delivers an SMS or email as a reminder. If they ignore it, Inkit will be triggered to send a neat postcard to retarget the customer. Since print has higher open rates than digital communications, Braze direct mail is more likely to make people finish the purchase.

Learn how to improve customer engagement with Braze and Inkit in our blog posts

Who needs Inkit + Braze direct mail:

Marketers and business owners who want to unite online and offline touch points in a cross-channel strategy.

Why integrate Inkit with Braze:

Braze is an excellent addition to Inkit’s reach enablement, customer communication, and address validation capabilities. Instead of using direct mail as a single channel, you will be able to build a comprehensive cross-channel strategy. 

Get instructions on how to integrate Inkit with Braze here.

#2. Segment + Inkit Verify integration

Segment is a data platform used to gather, clean, and categorize customers’ details. It collects information from the connected web and mobile applications to provide a single customer view. Segment also allows you to generate buyer personas and offer personalized real-time customer experiences.

Thanks to Segment Inkit integration, Segment collects data about offline communications and gets access to Inkit’s address verification. As a result, customers’ details processed by Segment are more reliable. With the data on offline interactions, you get the complete picture of customer communications across multiple customer analysis channels. Hence, your marketing efforts become better targeted.

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Who needs Segment Inkit integration:

Marketers and business owners striving to collect all customer data in one place, segment it, and use it for personalized communications.

Why integrate Inkit with Segment:

Segment supplies Inkit with address data collected from other sources and segments the target audience.

Get instructions on how to integrate Inkit with Segment here.

#3. Inkit Send / Inkit Render + Iterable

Iterable is a marketing platform for implementing a cross-channel strategy. It automates the delivery of customized emails, push, in-app, SMS, and mobile inbox messages. Iterable also supports AI capabilities that analyze customer metrics to tell you how your leads feel in real-time and send them more relevant messages.

Like Braze direct mail, Inkit and Iterable integration helps you run a cross-channel strategy that includes offline communications. Besides, thanks to Inkit’s HTML to PDF rendering, all the delivered communications are archived and securely stored.


Flexible Data Integration

Who needs Inkit + Iterable integration:

Businesses that want to automate their marketing efforts and implement a cross-channel strategy that includes direct mail and online messages.

Why integrate Inkit with Iterable:

Iterable complements Inkit’s direct mail and document rendering capabilities with online marketing features.

Get instructions on how to integrate Inkit with Iterable here.

#4. Inkit Send / Inkit Verify + TowerData

TowerData is a data enrichment service designed for email address verification, content personalization, and customer identity matching. It can append postal addresses, match deliverable emails with postal addresses, and identify users that browse anonymously.

When combined with Inkit, TowerData supplies Inkit’s reach enablement platform with enriched customer information. Thanks to this, Inkit can receive contacts for offline delivery based on emails, validate the addresses, and automatically proceed with the personalized print & send process.

Learn how to use Inkit with TowerData and Iterable for data enrichment 

Who needs Inkit + TowerData integration:

Marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and other small enterprises that want to learn more about their customers based on existing data.

address validation
Email Validation

Why integrate Inkit with TowerData:

TowerData generates address information based on other data. Inkit can use these details to deliver offline messages. Besides, by combining TowerData’s email verification with Inkit’s address validation, you get a highly reliable database.

#5. Inkit Send / Inkit Render + Zendesk

Zendesk is a popular customer support platform that provides agents with a dashboard to communicate with customers. It automates common messages and allows your team to manage support and social media chats in real-time.

When connected with Inkit, Zendesk provides your business with an additional channel for customer communication. You can deliver offline messages or render PDF invoices, notices, and other documents to send official communications.

Who needs Inkit + Zendesk integration:

Businesses looking to increase customer loyalty by synchronizing online support with customer communications.

Why integrate Inkit with Zendesk:

Inkit and Zendesk is a perfect fit if you need to deliver official communications related to support requests. When combined with a CRM, they can automate customer support, communications, data verification, and document management.

Want to know which of Inkit integrations is right for you? Contact us for a talk.

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