If you need a document generator online in your software, consider API integration. REST APIs allow product teams to upgrade existing solutions with automated document rendering and storage. API implementation takes considerably fewer resources than custom development. At the same time, it ensures a greater level of automation than a manual document generator online. Such tangible benefits convince web platform owners to prefer API-based document generation software over its alternatives.

Document generation software APIs support extensive customization capabilities, which make them suitable for any industry. You can create insurance documents, generate document templates, render invoices, and more. The tech compatibility of APIs is also outstanding. Product teams can integrate them with almost any web platform.

Find more information on document generator online APIs below. The next sections explain what a rendering API can do, how to integrate it, and why.

What Is an API-Based Document Generation Software?

Document generation API is a cloud-based service that allows you to add automated document rendering to existing web solutions. An application programming interface manages communications between your platform and server to create documents with custom design and fields.

Even though rendering tools can generate documents in different formats (e.g., Excel, Microsoft Word, Docs, etc.), PDF format is the most common. It’s an industry standard for all official communications, claims, requests, and agreements. PDF is also highly secure and flexible. That’s why most document generation software APIs convert HTML data sources to PDF docs. If you need automated document creation software API, chances are you will also use an HTML to PDF converter.

What Can You Do with an Automated Document Creation Software API?

APIs offer you a bit less freedom of choice than custom functionality. Nevertheless, they include all the features necessary for quality document management automation. You can choose how to handle documents and customize their design with simple settings.

Software API

Document management features

Document generation software APIs allow you to automatically create, retrieve, and delete documents. For example, you can enable end-users to generate dynamic documents in real-time for view only. It’s also possible to set the time after which the generated files expire. Besides, automated document creation software APIs also automate document archiving. They securely store every generated file in the cloud.

Customization features

APIs enable you to tailor document assembly and create docs with customized design and content. You can change page size, margins, numbers, headers and footers, breaks, and other details. Such functionality helps to adapt document templates to specific business and communication needs of a software provider.

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Render document generation software API powered by Inkit also supports user roles and permissions. It’s a unique feature other document automation software APIs don’t offer. User roles enable you to create teams with different access rights. It improves data security and management since only authorized team members can handle documents containing private data.

How to Integrate an Automated Document Creation Software API?

The main task of API-based document generation software is to optimize engineering for product teams. That’s why API providers usually simplify the integration as much as possible. It takes only several days to connect and configure a document generator online in your platform. To do this:

  1. Sign up for the desired automated document creation software.
  2. Retrieve your API key and securely store it (Note that you must enter the API key during configuration).
  3. Generate a code snippet in the necessary programming language. Document generation software APIs usually automatically convert boilerplate code into the required format.
  4. Go to the settings to configure the rules of document assembly and rendering.

If you want more detailed API integration instructions, go here. It’s Inkit Render quickstart that guides how to connect the document generation software API step by step.

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Why Automated Document Generation Software API is a Must-Have in Specific Industries?

Industries with at-scale document generation depend on effective automated document creation software. An abundance of manual tasks slows down processing and results in severe mistakes. Hence, online document converters and generators don’t work here. To achieve maximum automation, these organizations need more advanced functionality embedded in their web platforms. Document management must be fully automated, from document creation to archiving. Given that custom document generation software development doesn’t pay off, these industries opt for APIs.

Who Needs a Document Generation Software API Most

  • Financial and banking services. Since digital transformation hits the financial sector the hardest, most organizations have already launched self-service online portals. These platforms enable consumers to manage financial transactions, generate reports, retrieve statements, and more. Many of the basic actions involve the automated generation of PDF documents and copies of delivered communications.

An API adds highly automated document generation software features to existing platforms. It allows financial and banking organizations to automate a part of the core functionality and enhance customer service.

Document Generation

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  • Insurers. With the transition to remote, more and more people want to solve their insurance issues online through web portals. Hence, such platforms need to handle tons of proposals, contracts, and other legal documents daily. Since this is standard documentation, it’s easy to generate automatically with document rendering API integration. An insurance web platform connected with an API can create custom docs based on real-time triggers (e.g., clicking the View report button).
  • Healthcare providers. Latest data interoperability standards in healthcare promote the use of APIs in healthcare solutions. So regulatory compliance is the first reason to integrate document generation software through an API. Apart from this, a quality document management API increases the efficiency of healthcare platforms. Providers generate and store various kinds of template reports, tests results, and notifications automatically. At-scale document rendering streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers.
  • E-commerce and retail. E-commerce web platforms automatically generate invoices and order confirmations. Although the variety of documents is not that huge, document automation API integration is essential. When a web platform has integrated document rendering functionality, buyers automatically get order details and other PDF docs. It reduces the load of sales and support teams that would otherwise need to send everything manually.
  • Utilities. Utility companies also belong to industries that manage thousands of documents daily. They have more primitive platforms than financial or healthcare services but still, need automated document creation. By connecting a PDF generator API to their web platforms, utilities can automate custom document generation and delivery. The automated rendering software creates personalized bills and notices ready for printing and mailing.

These businesses and organizations have something in common. They all support web platforms that require automated online document generation. They also need template documents to communicate with customers and keep track of all interactions.

Render API for Automated Document Rendering and Retrieval

Render is a document automation API for HTML to PDF document rendering in web platforms. Integrate it to automatically create, store, retrieve, and delete custom PDFs. With Render, you can generate custom PDFs and configure document management in any web solution. It connects with software written in C#, Ruby, Node, PHP, Python, Java, JS, and other programming languages.

Start Render free trial or a free plan here or choose one of the premium plans for more advanced document rendering.

Out-of-the-box PDF generation
The easiest way to automatically generate and manage paperless documents at scale.
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