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Inkit’s New Postcard Template Builder Has Arrived

June 7, 2018
Rachel Wedlund
  1. Inside Look: Postcard builder 2 is faster, better and cleaner
  2. 5 Benefits of Using an Online Postcard Builder for Perfect Postcards
  3. A Quick Tour: How to use the new postcard template builder
  4. Better Upgrade: The new postcard template builder means smarter and faster direct mail

Is digital marketing personal enough for your customers and buyers? How about your loyal customers and brand ambassadors? How do you make sure your customer relations are ‘human’ enough to make them feel special? Try sending a postcard to your ‘nearest and dearest’ clients. Studies conducted in 2017 show that direct mail campaigns had a higher ROI than both paid search and online display ads. At Inkit, we are always improving our direct mail automation software so that your marketing creative ideas are realized to their fullest potential, without any hassle or tiresome chores needed from your team.

Recently, we updated our postcard design templates builder so that each personalized direct mail postcard campaign can be executed with greater ease and efficiency.

Inside Look: Postcard builder 2 is faster, better and cleaner

Our previous postcard template builder had everything on the sidebar. Now, the builder postcard is front and center, displaying both the front and back of the card. As you get creative with designing personalized campaigns you will have more visibility to test out different colors and images. The backend has faster processing power as well as a faster capability to upload new images. Overall, this new builder will improve your workflow to help you make clean and smart direct mailings.

5 Benefits of Using an Online Postcard Builder for Perfect Postcards

Direct mail marketing brings in 10% more new customers than email. An eye-catching postcard is one of the best ways to send personal messages to your clients. Share your products, services, events or new office location openings with a postcard.

Postcard Builder Benefit #1: No additional design expenses

If you don’t have a designer in your team, you will need to hire a freelancer. So if you want to have a professionally designed postcard, this is the first step where you’ll need to start investing upfront.

That is why an online postcard design-builder is a great alternative design tool. No need for additional expenses – you can create your own design, insert personalized greetings and schedule a postcard to be sent out upon a click of a button or a triggered event (i.e. any action of customers or buyers from your database).

Postcard Builder Benefit #2: Save time

Once again, hiring additional freelancers also takes away your time. Don’t spend time browsing the internet in search of a professional designer, use Inkit’s online postcard builder. You can save your templates and come back later to finish your work.

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Postcard Builder Benefit #3: Be as creative as possible

You may probably think that you need some additional designing skills to create a high-quality postcard. Not in our case. An online template builder is an easy tool to create a simple postcard and make sure that it meets your requirements and expectations. You can use your digital ads, banners, newsletters or any branded images as a foundation, and build upon this background image by adding captions, copy, call to action, trackable QR-code, or a personalized greeting – anything you can think of, we have it.  

Postcard Builder Benefit #4: A one-stop shop

How many times did you face a necessity of downloading extra software to complete your work? With our new version of the online postcard builder, everything is already included in the online template editor. You simply create a template, insert copy, click several buttons, and your perfect postcard is ready to be sent to your clients. And more than that – you don’t need to look for a separate service to print or ship your postcards. Inkit not only prints your postcards, but we’ll also mail them, too.

Postcard Builder Benefit #5: A/B testing

Not sure how your audience will react to a specific postcard? Send different versions to varying demographics, collect data, and pivot quickly. Analyze the results, and have a look at the numbers to understand which postcard is more effective so that you can send the best one to the whole database. You can even mail yourself a single postcard as a “proof,” to make sure you’re happy with the layout and design.

A Quick Tour: How to use the new postcard template builder

  • First, click “Create a new template”
  • Select your preferred postcard size: 4×6, 6×9, 6×11. We recommend the size 4×6, but you may choose one of the larger sizes if you want to stand out in the postcard pile, or if you need to squeeze in a lot of content. We have more postcard design tips here.
  • Name the template then click “Create & Build”
  • You will go straight into the builder, which displays both sides of the postcard
  • To add images, click the blue image button on the lower right side.

This will reveal your Image Library where you can upload photos from your computer

  • Once in the library, drag and drop the images into the desired postcard space
  • For a background image, drag and drop one image inside the box that says “drop here for background image” which appears when your mouse hovers over the card
  • To add text, click the blue text button on the lower right side. Using the text boxes for copy will be more beneficial to acquire and integrate custom data for your contacts
  • Once you’ve dragged and dropped the images on the front and back, wait until you see the green text pop up at the top notifying that your perfect postcard has been saved!

Well done! Your newly designed high quality postcard is ready. The last thing you need to do before your direct mail campaign is set to go on printing, is to upload your mailing list or integrate your CRM into our system.

See how to send your postcard template once it’s ready for the mail

Better Upgrade: The new postcard template builder means smarter and faster direct mail

To sum up, if you’re looking for a proven way to reach potential customers, retain the existing clients, or persuade former customers to come back to your product or service, Inkit’s new template postcard builder is the right tool to invest your efforts and time into.

The new postcard template builder is just way easier to use than our old builder. Check out builder 2, which is better, faster, and cleaner. We know the better our capability, the stronger yours will be too.

With our new postcard builder, you have a professional designer, quick and easy software, and a unique user-friendly tool to create eye-catching postcards. What’s more, you don’t need to leave the platform after the postcard is ready. Start A/B testing your postcards, send a copy to yourself or set up a cross-channel campaign combining online and offline marketing channels – all of these actions are possible from inside Inkit’s direct mail automation software.  

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