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Marketers spend a lot of time and money trying to reach customers. Incorrect shipping addresses, disconnected tools, and manual processes make it difficult to drive value from customer reach campaigns.
Inkit enables marketers to get more value from customer reach by validating shipping addresses and automating direct response campaigns.

"Inkit integrated easily with the marketing systems Asana already had in place. Their top- notch support team was happy to work with Asana at every turn to make sure we could run our direct response experiments quickly and efficiently."

Aaron Williams
Head of Nonprofits at Asana

Key benefits

Deliver automated campaigns to customers at the right time
Connect Inkit with your CRM and other marketing tools to send automated and personalized direct response campaigns to customers based on specific actions and events.
Validate customer addresses before you send
Inkit Verify ensures that the marketing collateral you send—swag, offers, payment cards—will make it to real, deliverable mailing addresses.
Go paperless with customers
Promote corporate sustainability by allowing customers to go paperless with their invoices, orders, and account statements.
Clean your customer data
Inkit Verify tells you whether the addresses you have on file are correct or not.
Inkit Send tells you which messaging and value props are driving your customers to take action.
Ensure quality interactions in every context
Automatically render customer data into neat PDF documents. Use them for paperless record-keeping — or print & mail them to stay in touch with your customers.
How it works
Automatically generate PDF
documents for paperless billing
Inkit Render instantly converts HTML content into paperless PDF files with a simple API request.
Reach customers at the right
time with personalized campaigns
Inkit Send integrates with your CRM and other cloud systems to automatically deliver customer communications based on specific actions or events.
Autocomplete and validate
shipping addresses at checkout
Inkit Verify enables engineers to add address verification and address autocomplete to existing shopping carts or forms with just a few lines of code.

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