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Safely share information with restricted downloads using Inkit’s Document Streaming technology.
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Zero Trust Security Made Easy

Make Sharing Easy with Custom Folders & Groups
Keep the right information in the right hands – Inkit simplifies Zero Trust file-sharing with custom folders & info-sharing hierarchies.
Learn how folders and default folders work at Inkit.
Learn how to create, edit, delete, and share/unshare folders.
Create & Assign Roles
Establish and enforce access rules for users & systems easily using Inkit’s Zero Trust Security best practices.
For users: Learn how to create and assign user roles.
For systems: Learn how to create and remove system roles using API keys.
Control Permissions
Define what actions and behaviors your users & systems can perform at every level.
Discover permissions best practices for Zero Trust Security in our helpful guide.
Developer SDKs

A Platform Made for Developers

Install with pip and use Python SDK to connect.
Get started with the Python SDK
For self-installation to our DocGen API, use Inkit’s Go SDK to connect.
Get started with the Go SDK
Use the official Inkit Java client library to connect.
Get started with the Java SDK
Npm install the Inkit Node.js SDK and copy the code snippet to connect.
Get started with the Node.js SDK
HTTP Client
Send manual requests via Curl, Postman, Insomnia, or any API request tool.

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