Former Army Comptroller Jonathan Moak Joins Inkit as Head of Federal Sales

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ST. PAUL, MN, September 14, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Inkit, a Secure Document Generation (SDG) Software-as-a-Service company, announced that it has hired Jonathan Moak, former acting Comptroller of the U.S. Army as its Senior Vice President of Federal Sales. Moak brings two decades of military and federal government experience to the role, including stints as a Department of Army Civilian, a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, and as the acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management & Comptroller. Moak also worked closely with federal clientele as a Vice President in the Public Sector at Salesforce. Additionally, he is a combat veteran and still currently serving in the Army National Guard as an infantry officer.

The U.S. Government classifies more than 50 million documents per year, according to the Public Interest Declassification Board. The PIDB has also noted that the cost of classifying these documents exceeds $18 billion annually. In addition, the volume and management cost of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) significantly exceeds those of Classified Documents. As the number of non-public documents proliferates, the need for Secure Document Generation and management continues to grow.

Inkit’s Secure Document Generation and distribution platform provides unique security features that allow government entities, defense organizations, and regulated businesses to:

  • Generate documents at scale in all major formats 
  • Simplify document retention and archival
  • Prevent security leaks and maintain confidentiality
  • Minimize breaches and protect against insider threats
  • Simplify access management across their entire organizations
  • Control access to sensitive information with Inkit’s Disappearing Documents

“Federal and defense organizations are facing significant challenges in the simultaneous need to modernize government information technology and to comply with security and zero trust mandates. They need to improve their ability to serve the public but be mindful of threats to information security and confidentiality,” said Moak. “Inkit delivers the scalable functionality to drive efficiency, the visibility to ensure integrity, and the effective controls to assure security.” 

Inkit is the leading zero-trust document generation platform that allows users to generate, encrypt, and distribute documents in total privacy. Inkit users include:

  • Government and Defense
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Healthcare Providers and Payers
  • Investor-Owned Utilities
  • Human Resources and Employee Benefits Providers

“Jonathan’s unique experience working with and serving in defense and federal government organizations will help Inkit deliver value to those customers and ensure that they receive the ideal product fit and best onboarding experience,” added Inkit CEO Michael McCarty. “Inkit is committed to our current and future federal and defense customers, and Jonathan provides another key resource to help them succeed.”


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Inkit is the only Secure Document Generation (SDG) platform that allows users to generate, encrypt, and distribute documents in total privacy. Inkit offers the best multicloud environment for all your favorite apps to generate documents in Microsoft Docs, PPT, XLS, PDF, and HTML. Get the security you can depend on with Inkit’s serverless architecture, disappearing documents, roles and permissions, and document streaming features. Inkit is privately owned and headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with offices in Washington, D.C.

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