Inkit Helps Vital Card Cut Mailing Costs by 99.8%

Case Study

Background – Meet Vital Card

Vital Card is a community-driven credit card company that actively helps its users increase their credit health by rewarding them with cashback for building credit and making smart financial decisions. 

Trust is the most important currency for companies operating in the financial industry, and every dollar makes a difference. When Ed Cody, Chief Operating Officer at Vital Card, looked over the company’s efficiency and operating costs, he knew there was room for improvement.

As a trusted financial company with a growing customer base, Vital Card is obligated to mail thousands of regulatory notices and statements every month while also being responsible for verifying proof of delivery. 

At first, sending these notices via paper mail was the status quo, but as time passed, Cody identified an opportunity to save the company a massive amount of time, money, and paper.

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